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he he he he
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posted by izzzyroxmysocks
Way can we say about mr.cocanut?
Well I'll tell u way u can say about him!!
1.he was there 4 such little time he didn't
Get to meet izzy!!!!!!
2.poor little soul had to perish cause chef
was hungry!!!!
3.only a few people r a fan of him cause
he wasn't that famous!!!
4.owens best friend went to the dock of
Shame cause chris got freaked out
Since this Iz to short I'm gonna do this...
I'm using my phone while I'm writing
I cinta jeruk, orange juice
My teachers an uptite troll
I lost the spelling bee cause I forgot how
spell librity
My bf left me 4 his ex- WAH!!!!!!!!!
acar IN A CUP!!!!!