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Continuing from : FADE OUT ...End of chapter 12

"Two steps to your left, and jump straight forward, hard. I'll catch you."
"I'll catch you," he whispered into the dark. "Jump."
She took two running steps and before she could let herself think about what she was doing, dug in her toes and leaped forward.

She felt the air glide across her skin for a meer detik until she felt a hard yank. Her shoe, her shoe had gotten caught. She screamed, letting out all the air in her lungs.

"Claire!" Myrnin yelled. It was the last thing she heard before she felt the cold stone floor under her and then...
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I did not write this Rachel caine did!! And i did not type this claireSalvatore did! i jst saw it and thought anda guys would like it!! And i reapeat i did not write Rachel Caine did she wrote this story and put in book full of short stories called "Immortal cinta stories with a bite" Oh and srry this is not the whole story!

Living in West Texas is sort of like living in Hell, but without
the favorable climate and charming people. Living in Morganville,
Texas, is all that and a takeout bag of worse. I
should know. My name is Shane Collins, and I was born here, left
here, came back here—none...
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I know that this is a hot topic on the web and on here about who should play what role in the web series. but I just thought that I would give my hand at it. it is already known who is to play Amelie so that is off the meja but here Is my list.

Michael: Alex Pettyfer. This one has been berkata before and I agree. he has the Michael glass look and attitude. he would be divine.

Claire: Not really sure about this one, but I could see Sara Paxton. her work in the Halloweentown movie (The final one) was amazing.

Eve: Ksneia Solo, the actress who plays Kensi on the syfy tampil lost girl would be amazing.

Shane: Steven R McQueen. he has the look.

Monica: I envisioned someone, maybe Leven Rambien from the hunger games and Percy Jackson.
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