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 Sirena | Happy Howlidays
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sirena von boo
happy howlidays
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"Umm I will need my 50 pairs of shoes,my lipgloss,nail polish,oh,if I'm gonna bring that,I need my nail polish remove---am I forgetting something,Clawdeen?" Draculaura remarked. Clawdeen sighed. "Lala, I think you'VE packed your whole room oleh now. anda have taken..." Clawdeen took a look at the time on her Ipad. "An jam and a half! I can NOT believe Spectra is taking us to 90210 to visit Melody!" "I know it's amazing! And the part where we get to go on a cruise!" Bwoop. Clawdeen's phone got a text. "Come on,Draculaura! Spectra will be here in 5! Zip up!" Draculaura sat on puncak, atas of her "freaky...
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hey I'm draculaura and this is how i met Clawd... I started of in my coffin sleeping as sung as a bug but then my alam clock rang, I got up with a shock I didn't even realise that I had my lind down on my coffin and banged my head I shouted "Ow!!!" and my father came rushing in saying "Whats happening!?!" but then berkata in a disappointed way "Oh anda banged your head again..." but then I was saying "I'm sorry father but I'm going to be late!" "Fine I'll let anda of this time..." my father replayed. I brushed my lovely long berwarna merah muda, merah muda and black hair then put them up in pig tails after that I went in...
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