Why hawk ngengat want to get chat noir and ladybug miracoulous

Authored by xpgammer

Will We dont know but lets get look about why hawkmoth/Gabriel Adrien,s father Want miracoulous 

Will some of you has been saying that the defrent is that  hawk moth want the miracoulous to get back his wife Adrien,s Mother

And some of you has been saying that the defrent is that hawkmoht want be more stronger and roll over the world 

we gotta choose 

first i think possblity of it 78%  


second i think possblity of it 60%  i think that  weird but how we make sure that  who is the true and who is the fake

 First the possblity of it  is good and i think Gabriel Argest want her but that something that i 


Could not understand it how would miracoulous make Adrien,s mom back so first to make sure she is not dead not of any clue to that


WE ARE NOW see that the first choose is  Real


Second choose I dont think its real            Becouse its too far away but by getting power from miracoulous hawkmoth would do it 


But he wont get any something from that so i think its Fake Then the first choose is Correct he want

The miracoulous to get Adrien,s mom back Ok bye guys