Michael Jordan Never No Other Even Close

brah1957 posted on Feb 28, 2019 at 03:05PM
Yes, I just want to post a little article to just let Michael Jordan Know that there will never be another basketball player that even comes close to his talent and skills, and even now right after Michael Jordan retired from basketball, I just stopped watching the NBA, and I was a big fan watching the NBA previously. Because Michael Jordan brought so much excitement to the sport, and the anticipation that you would see his not human feats on the basketball court. But even now the sport for me is dead, because Michael Jordan was atmospheres higher and above of any other NBA player, and now watching all the other basketball NBA Players is so boring to watch, like watching little children playing compared to Michael Jordan. And I want to say, any amount of money Michael Jordan was getting paid, it was not even close to being enough.He deserved the moon and stars to equal what he brought to the NBA League. As there will never be another Bruce Lee, there will never be another Michael Jordan, with the same skill sets and talent and mental conditioning and toughness.Not even close to being like him, just like Bruce Lee.We , as NBA basketball fans, have lost so much when Michael Jordan retired, and we need to just settle watching all these inferior NBA players calling themselves basketball greats. Not even close.
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