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 my xmas wish is for anda darling
my xmas wish is for you darling
Excitement is building,people shopping everywhere
But without my boy I really dont care
Childrens faces smiling filled with joy
But mine is miserable without my boy
Carols playing,xmas is in the air
But I miss my boy with the dark black hair
Santas coming they look towards the skies
I cry inside as I picture his beautiful brown eyes
Families everywhere having fun
Oooooh I wish I could buy my boy just one lebih squirt gun
My jantung is aching as xmas draws near
Cause my beautiful malaikat is no longer here
Tears falling as I stare into space
And hold my breath as I picture his face
Xmas lunch,how can I posibly...
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 MJ will ALWAYS be KING!!!
MJ will ALWAYS be KING!!!
“Today has been very distressing for all of us, and I’d like to thank anda for your prayers at this horrible time. I would also like to remind some in the media that the voice recording of Michael does not show/prove he was “an addict” — and this leap to agree with the defense is unfair and inaccurate. The prosecution berkata my brother “was under the influence of UNKNOWN agents” at the time of that recording oleh Murray. That some people, Jane Valez Mitchell HLN and Ted Rwlands CNN, make statements saying this shows my brother to be “a drug addict” is not what was berkata in court...
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