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 Got To Find Me An malaikat
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This michael jackson foto might contain polonaise, polineis, kirtle, and rok.

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Setting: Michael is at reheresal with kenny ortaga. Michael and kenny are on break when a dancer comes up to them, with a small laptop in his hand.

Dancer: hey mike ever heard of this Video called BME pain olympics?"
Michael: No i havent and i really dont plan to watch it.
Kenny: Yea im sure anything that has the word "Pain" in the judul its not going to be good.
Dancer: Aww come on just watch it
Michael: oh all right...if it will get anda to be quiet.
Dancer places laptop in front of michael and hits play button
Michael: Dude what the hell is this???some kinda porn????why in the hell would i want...
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 leana detention slip
leana detention slip
I WAS A LITTLE FREAKED OUT WHEN THIS 17 BOY THAT I HARLDY KNEW FOR 5MINS MADEOUT WITH ME 'you a good kisser leana i guess your boyfriend was lucky' i just sat there in complete silence i dint want to talk to him when i got to school i went to the front office to get my new schuedule for my classes i had skip a grade so im in the 11 grade when i went into my new class i was stared at i went to go take my kursi byside this boy 'hey sexy missed me' i turn to see michael sitting beside me 'are anda stalking me' ' i think your follow me sexy' ' no im in this grade' ' oh me too' ' arnt anda suppose...
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Performed By: Michael and Janet Jackson

Tired of injustice. Tired of the schemes. The lies are disgusting directed at me. Kicking me down. I got to get up as jacked as it sounds. The whole system sucks.

Peek in the shadow. I come into the light. anda tell me i'm wrong then anda better prove your right. Your sellin' out souls but I care about mine. I've got to get stronger. And I won't give up the fight.

With such confusions don't it make anda wanna scream. Your bash abusin' victimize within the scheme.

You try to cope with every lie they scrutinize.

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