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 michael jackson loves niks95 rare !!! <3
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Okay, my daughter hasn't stopped talking about those Spiderman kartun her and I watched together for the first time yesterday. I'm starting to think she's going to be OBSESSED with Spiderman. Today is the first konser I have had since Grace left to be with her sister who is terminally sick and it's definitely going to be interesting for me trying to figure out how to balance taking care of AJ almost completely on my own and performing three concerts a week. The whole point of having Grace come along was so she could watch AJ while I'm busy with meetings atau performing. I know I'll be able...
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Michael released the ciuman and Aislinn was beat red. She felt like she was going into a panic attack. "W-What was that for??" She had to ask, mainly because she was embarrassed. He responded, calmly, "I think..." "You think what?" He heard chuckling and turned to McCauley, who was tampilkan his head from behind the wall. "McCauley, can anda give us some privacy for just a couple minutes, please?" McCauley nodded and he went outside for a little bit to get some air. Michael turned to Aislinn and sighed. "I think I may be in cinta with you, Aislinn." Aislinn was too much in shock to answer. Michael...
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„Great video! We were all blown away when we saw it." - Sam Frisch, member of Cash Cash. / „The guys cinta it. Nika did an awesome job!" - Jason Aron, manager of Cash Cash
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