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posted by Waterwhip
Us Michael Jackson fan are familiar with the damage the media did to Michael. People around the world believed these foul rumors the media spread about him. But they are not to blame; they had no idea the rumors weren't true. They didnt know any better. Haters come to out beloved spot and try to tear us down. But do we fall to our knees? No. Because we knew the truth; they didnt.

These hating people are the creation the media made. The media destroyed the innocence and cinta in their souls. We need to restore the cinta they have lost oleh donating just a little bit of ourselves to their misfortune....
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 michael sitting in diane's office ;)
michael sitting in diane's office ;)
Once Michael and Alicia arrived onset it was nothing but non stop filming. oleh 12 michael was extremely tired, but he wanted to see Diane lebih than anything. "Hey Alicia have anda seen Diane any today?" Michael asked while they sat at one of the tables in the breakroom. "Um...no but shes probably in the production building...that is where she works." Alicia berkata as she took a sip of her water."Oh ok" Michael said. "Do anda wanna go visit her...i mean if anda want to anda can." ," I can?" Michael asked. "Yea anda are one of the main characters in this movie and also anda helped with the funds to help...
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posted by flinn123jacko
It was in the morning, it was just 5 am in the morning. And michael jackson was driving a car to his studio because he was late for rehearsal. And when he was driving, he didn’t see that there’s a girl was going to menyeberang, salib the road
And michael immediately scream “ WATCH OUT!!!!!” and also hit the break.
The girl in the road was shock, and got hit oleh the car, but not until she got bleeding, she was just shock and just got a bruise on her knee, and immediately run towards her…
When he got near her, he berkata “ are anda okay?”
Then she berkata “ sure, only a bruise.”

“oh…. I’m so so...
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posted by DangerousPYT
NOTE:not actual timeline.
Suzie had worked with michael for a good while and in that time they established a very good friendship. He would take her with him on world tours and the two would have a blast.Like a tonne other girls,suzie had a major cinta for the king of pop,who she now assumed was her boyfriend.
A hari after concluding the plans for the upcoming world tour,michael was at the staples centre,waiting for the auditions for his cinta interest for The Way anda Make Me Feel to start,and as always,suzie was crawling up and down his arm like an octopus.Michael was a little...
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michael has been the best entertainment and always be a good person. he doesn't even drink anything just jeruk, orange jus that make him healthy and he lose weight back in the 80's but he is eathing healthy food. michael enjoy many things in his life and he missed his childhood and we all know it. michael tell the truth and the media are a liar, i don't listen to the media all the time just michael jackson who is sweet, kind, love, and humble. he was the child at jantung because he never grew up. michael also read about peter pan the boy who never grew up and michael doesn't want to grow up he was just the same thing and the same person. i cinta michael jackson with all my heart, souls, and my mind. i continue to follow his footstep at all times.
 the king of pop
the king of pop
Essie read the note over and over again. She couldn't believe it. An unknown fan was coming to her concert. That day, she had nothing in mind but the note. Nightfall came. As she lay in bed, she still couldn't stop thinking about the note. Even as she closed her eyes, it was all that she could think of. That night, she kept twisting and turning. She kept thinking who was the anonymous fan. She kept thinking of a person who has a name that starts with a letter M. Suddenly, she stopped at the thought of her childhood idol Michael Jackson. "Could it be? Nah..." she thought to herself. "I'll just...
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posted by fayegaringan123
Michael really couldn't sleep, he went to get a mandi, shower and he changed his clothes. oleh 5:00 a.m. he was walking to the park. He knew Ashley wasn't going to be there cause he took her halaman awal last night and she was fast asleep. He then thought about his brother Jermaine. "How dare Jermaine fall for my girl like that" Michael berkata to himself. He had been lost in his thoughts for over an jam until he decided to go back home.

Meanwhile, Ashley had just awaken at 7:00 a.m. in the morning. She knew it was going to be a sad hari because today was her father's funeral. Before heading downstairs, she turned...
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posted by msmj2012
Feeling refreshed, Michael woke up from his nap with a smile on his face. He could not wait to see his little angels. He got out of his tempat tidur and walked to the closet to pick out some clothes for the day. He moved the clothes around in his search. Finally he picked out a black short-sleeved kemeja and black pants. He went into the master bathroom, took a mandi, shower and brushed his teeth. Then he got dressed and put on his black penny loafers. After he had put on his shoes, he left his room and went into the nursery.

"Dada! Dada!",cried Blanket happily when he saw Michael and held out his arms to be...
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posted by luvauntrosienmj
so this story is about a girl name Hannah rosie Angeles so she only 7 years old she a orphan she has no parents what happens when a young men comes nd see this young girl. lets get to the story shall we.

This is during summer so Hannah is in a orphanage she looks out the window and see all the other kids playing while she can't have fun she crys in pain she always wanted a parents in her life she still look out the window and the sun is still out on the beautiful Saturday morning. While that was happen bobby berkata " MR. Jackson we got to go" Michael said" bobby stop calling me MR.Jackson call...
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posted by fayegaringan123
Michael had no choice but to take Ashley to his home. He wanted to ask her where she was living but he didn't want to wake her up. He carried Ashley into his arms and handed her to his bodyguard Eric as he opened the limo door. When he had finally opened the door, he took Ashley back into his arms and carried her into the limo. Michael sat in the backseat with Ashley laying down with her head on Michael's lap. Michael turned on the lights to get a better look at Ashley's face. As the lights flickered on, Michael saw how beautiful she was. Her beautiful black hair was like a starless night and...
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posted by mj4ever202
Michael Jackson used to seduce gay pasangan with the line ‘The King of Pop is going to lick your lollipop’, it has been claimed.

Michael Jackson had an “insatiable” appetite for gay sex, it has been claimed. The late ‘Beat It’ singer’s unofficial biographer Ian Halperin claims to have spoken to two of the star’s male lovers, including an actor named only as Lawrence. Lawrence told the author: “He was very shy. But when he started to have sex, he was insatiable.” According to Halperin – who makes the allegations in his book ‘Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson’...
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posted by mj4ever202
We've learned the story making the rounds detailing the terrible condition of Michael Jackson's body is a fake.

A laporan in The Sun gave harrowing details of the body, but we've learned the "autopsy report" was fabricated and completely false.

UPDATE: The Los Angeles County coroner just released the following statement:

"The laporan that is being published did not come from this office. I don't know where the information came from, atau who that information came from. It is not accurate. Some of it is totally false."
"Why the hell is she so Happy?" Mom whispers to you.
"Do anda really expect her to be all sad just because anda are?" anda ask, eyebrow raised. That was quite bold of you.
"Exactly," I say to Mom, then silently thank you.
You can't help but Smile that beautiful, amazing Smile that makes me Smile back. Your eyes are sparkling and loving...
"What am I missing?" Mom asks. Then the doorbell rings and she jawaban it.
When Mrs. teal sees what's through the door, her jaw drops, her eyes widen and she Screams!
"Hello," anda laugh. She runs up and hugs you.
I realise, that in public, I can never have anda to myself....
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Well I read a book about Michael and found an eye-witness laporan in it in 1980's,just thought that it'll be nice to share it with you,guys!it's about Michael!so here it is:

"Michael Jackson is sitting in the dressing room.He sits very quietly,staring into the mirror.His face is soft and delicately boned.His brown eyes have the big,dewey-eyed quality of Bambi.Like the coklat kekuningan and his beloved 'ET',Michael Jackson is alone in a crowded room.
"Conversation dart around the room but Michael takes no notice-happy to live in his dream world.Talk to him direct and he'll answer you-quietly and politely.His...
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posted by pmjlover1997
Michael Wanted LISA BACK after she Divorced Nicholas Cage. TROUBLED bintang Michael Jackson wants to remarry his ex-wife Lisa Marie presley it was Claimed Yesterday Jacko,44, decided to try wooing Elvis's daughter again after her three-month marriage to actor Nicholas Cage,38, collapsed last week. A sumber said: ''she is available and Michael wants her back. he's in a lot of trouble and he needs her.'' The sumber berkata Lisa Marie,34: ''She was the only calming influence in his life'' The couple wed in 1994 while Jacko battled allegations he abused a 13-year-old boy. The marriage lasted two Years
Source: The Sun
[This takes place During MJ's Bad Era..Lets say I'm 22 and he's 23...So in this story I am grown...And Btw this is my first MJ story!] [This story takes place in an hotel....Where I am struggling to survive because I am single and my family was all killed. In this story I am very sad and alone,Until Michael gets a room in the hotel...]
> > > >
> > > >
"Here I sit all oleh myself in my small house in Alabama...No family,No possesions,No love,No-one to love..."I start to cry."
(Me)-Why does my life have to be so horrible? Why me? WHY!!??....Ok I have no job now! I got
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posted by sandiphardy
"Hold My Hand"
(duet with Akon)

Uh, oh,...

Akon and MJ (oh, yeah)


This life don't last forever (hold my hand)
So tell me what we're waiting for? (hold my hand)
Better off being together (hold my hand)
Being miserable alone (hold my hand)

'cause I been there before and you've been there before,
But together we can be alright (alright, yeah)
'cause when it gets dark and when it gets cold
we hold each other 'til we see the sunlight.

So if anda just hold my hand,
Baby, I promise that I'll do all I can
Things will go better if anda just hold my hand
Nothing can come between us if you...
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Found on prince.org. A person stating that there is footage of Michael bernyanyi "Keep Your Head Up".

"There is evidence of MJ bernyanyi "Keep Your Head Up" in the Cascio's basement LIVE, but there saving it for the video.
The footage shows MJ pausing and stopping and doing multiple takes. There were points where his falsetto was off and he wanted to do it over again. There joking about how it sounds great and MJ is like...We can do better than this.

Judging oleh the footage, its MJ on about 80% and the rest James Porte filling it out."

Link to the discussion on prince.org:
posted by mccalamccool
one: His smile.
two: His hair.
three: His personality.
four: His sweetness.
Five: His beauty.
Six :His hottness.
Seven: How loving he is.
Eight: His sexieness.
Nine: His shyness.
Ten: His shoes.
Eleven: His Bad outfit.
Twelve: His Beat it outfit.
Thirteen: His Thriller Jacket.
Fifteen: How he donated so much money.
Sixteen: He was nice to everyone.
Eighteen: How he was always cheerful.
Nineteen: How he cinta all his fans.
Twentey: His Dancing.
TwentyOne: His singing.
TwenteyTwo: His Bad album.
TwenteyThree: His Thriller Album.
TwentyFour: All his music.
TwentyFive: His eyes.
TwentySix: His face.
TwenteySeven: His clothes.
TwentyEight: His house.
TwenteyNine: His Interests
Thirty: His cinta for the world.
posted by JjenJjen
The mailman delivered my copy of Michael Jackson's Vision today. Coming halaman awal in a winter storm, I found the package hanging from the door handle in a rubber band and I smiled like a little kid on Christmas.

With my cheeks still blushing from the cold I opened it and seeing the holograms of the cover my smile got even broader. I was happy the casing was made with such quality detail and it brought back many happy memories. Then my smile froze. There was a promotion sticker on the cover. It read: "The Definitive DVD Collection." Definitive. As in never again, ever no more, no further. And so the...
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