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posted by mjfanforever22
from the early age of 23 right around the hight of thriller michael always felt and talked about how he went through part of his life feeling lonley he always berkata he would walk the on through the neighboorhood of the havenhurst compound and would try to find a friend to talk to and to just be himself and not the superstar that we all know that he is in the early 80's michael would always tell reports and journalist that he felt lonley some people thought of it as a joke and would say well dont anda have freinds that anda could talk to and hang out with atau dont anda have ur family that anda could talk to and share with them about how anda feel alot of them didnt understand what it really felt like to be lonley and not have somebody to talk to very much as much as anda would want to without having to pick up the phone in the late 200's michael talked to journalist martin bashir about being lonley and thow he felt about it saying its not a good feeling to have to wake up at night and start to cry cause anda relize anda have nobody to talk to at all on the stuff that anda have on your mind that hari atau if your having a bad hari and anda want to talk to somebody rewinding to the late 1990's michael's children were born which were prince and paris and soon little blanket some people thought that he could talk to his children sometimes which wasnt the case he couldnt talk to his children about personal stuff all the time later in years michael thoughts about being the lonliest person changed a little because he had his children oleh his side he started to feel less lonley a little bit but he didnt feel lonley like he had used to when he was a young adult journalist always asked michael how he felt about being the lonliest person on earth as michael would explain it to them they didnt understand what it was like to be lonley some jounarlist would write negitve things about it saying that michael would surround himself with children and would do innoprate things which deffantley wasnt the case at all nobody knew how it felt to be lonley and wainting to have somebody to talk to and to see what is was like to wake up in the morning and too see a another person right beside anda yes michael did get married twice before but they obvously didnt feel the mold that michael wanted he did cinta his first wife a great deal but things just didnt work out the way he wanted it to be and when he got married the detik the time he wanted a family soo bad which she did give him two wonderfull kids and again she ended there marriage oleh choice most people thought of it as a joke saying michael got married just to get married for fun which wasnt the case at all some of them just dont understand at all poor michael
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Source: Steady Laughing
Setting: Michael is at reheresal with kenny ortaga. Michael and kenny are on break when a dancer comes up to them, with a small laptop in his hand.

Dancer: hey mike ever heard of this Video called BME pain olympics?"
Michael: No i havent and i really dont plan to watch it.
Kenny: Yea im sure anything that has the word "Pain" in the judul its not going to be good.
Dancer: Aww come on just watch it
Michael: oh all right...if it will get anda to be quiet.
Dancer places laptop in front of michael and hits play button
Michael: Dude what the hell is this???some kinda porn????why in the hell would i want...
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 leana detention slip
leana detention slip
I WAS A LITTLE FREAKED OUT WHEN THIS 17 BOY THAT I HARLDY KNEW FOR 5MINS MADEOUT WITH ME 'you a good kisser leana i guess your boyfriend was lucky' i just sat there in complete silence i dint want to talk to him when i got to school i went to the front office to get my new schuedule for my classes i had skip a grade so im in the 11 grade when i went into my new class i was stared at i went to go take my kursi byside this boy 'hey sexy missed me' i turn to see michael sitting beside me 'are anda stalking me' ' i think your follow me sexy' ' no im in this grade' ' oh me too' ' arnt anda suppose...
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"Im not sure about that." Ileana said. "What? what do anda mean?" Ann asked in shock. "Well i dont think anda should down right out assume that me and michael are going to be together i mean how do anda know that anda cant predict the future." Ileana stated. "Oh come on Ileana! admit it michael in like deeply in cinta with anda and anda know it." Ann said. "I know that Ann ok i just...i just dont know how i feel about all of this i mean ive only known him for a short period of time." Ileana said. "So? anda dont have to know someone that long to fall in love, trust me ive been there." Ann said. "Ann...
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There was malaikat flying In the sky
with shining light Inside
or far bintang at night
I saw That malaikat one day
When I started To pray
to can touch
that malaikat so Much
I spent years and years
with alot of fears
Searching for a way
to fly with this malaikat in the sky
Then In one day,I closed My eyes
with alot of tears Inside
So I started to pray
Then I opened them
I felt something Inside
My jantung and Mind
It Wasn't fears
Or crying tears
It Was coming To heal
the soul that was full of fear
and to take The burdnes away
It was Very hard To bear
I kept That thing Inside My heart
then I looked In the sky
I didn't Find This angel...
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posted by Zashleyfan16
Performed By: Michael and Janet Jackson

Tired of injustice. Tired of the schemes. The lies are disgusting directed at me. Kicking me down. I got to get up as jacked as it sounds. The whole system sucks.

Peek in the shadow. I come into the light. anda tell me i'm wrong then anda better prove your right. Your sellin' out souls but I care about mine. I've got to get stronger. And I won't give up the fight.

With such confusions don't it make anda wanna scream. Your bash abusin' victimize within the scheme.

You try to cope with every lie they scrutinize.

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