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posted by mjfanforever22
michael askes michelle how old is she michelle tells him she's 16 and he also askes her how long has she been a fan of him she tells him ever since she's been a little girl and that she's been in cinta with him since she also says that time she just had to come and see him in konser for the first time michael starts to blush a little and then giggles shealso tells him that she's soo glad that she had finally seen him for the first time ever he starts to blush again and tells her that she's pretty again and she starts to blush and says thankyou they start to stair at each other she starts to admire michael's black pants and blue button down kemeja and the hazel skin tone skin and the sexiest smile ever with beautiful brown eyes to match he starts to study michelle's blue jeans and black kemeja with a picture of him on it and her hazel skin tone with long brunette hair to go with it as the two start to just stare and admire each other michelle brakes the ice and tells michael they should hang out sometime as michelle starts to tell michael that there was a knock at the door but who is it? too be continued
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