Mew Mew Power Any Suggestions For Future Episodes?

AnimeFan66 posted on Nov 10, 2011 at 08:37PM
This is for my story, "Mew Mew Power: A New Generation". If you have any ideas of stories or adventures you want to be included in my series, tell me your stories and I will look it over.

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu Tsunami55 said…
I think the new generation should be sorta like the old series but with different animals and carecters. like for some animals mabey you should use animals like a fox, a dolphin, a robin, a wolf (even thought it was already used in the first mew mew power ), and a regular monkey. ( sorry if I spell some things wrong ). and the carcters can be Miley ( as the fox and she will kinda be like zoey), scarlet ( She will be the robin and she will be like corina), crystal ( she would be the dolphin and she would be like bridget ).Page( She would be the monkey and she would be like kiki ),and Ryley ( she would be the wolf and she would be like renee ). If you think my ideas are dumb of weird you can tell me and you can make some changes. THANKS
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Kikiangelo45 commented…
I'm also making a story with the tokyo mew mew future! Zoeys kid is Haley ( Which is my icon except i painted it on computer, paint) Corinas kid is Sophia, ( which is the youngest of all her siblings, because she has older twin brothers ) Bridgettes kid is Kaly ( She can bake like her father Wesley ) Kiki's kid/sister is Angel/Angelo ( In the english version malaikat is kiki's sister. In the Italian version malaikat is Kiki's daughter and her name is changed to Angelo ) and Renee's daughter is Angelika ( She is in most film that her mother directs, along with Haley. ) and the way they could be best friends is, Haley and Angelika, Sophia and malaikat and everybody is friends with Kaley because other wise, Kaley gives them the scary look. lebih dari setahun yang lalu