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Part 1
''Where in heavens are we?'' asked an angry Kyoya
''Don't look at me lion-boy!It was your idea to open this damn door in the first place!''Ryuga was about curse lebih until.
Me:Hiya Guys! Before u ask me whatever-''
Ryuga:Who the hell are u?
Me:me?I'm the one who invtited u here..Didn't u see the sign on the door?
Gingka:I knew it!That's why our names were written on it..Kyoya this all ur fault!
Kyoya:Screw u people!
Me:Are u done with the cursing?
Kyoya:YES!'re in my Truth atau Dare show!
Ryuga:What's truth atau dare?
Me:You've got to be fuckin' kidding me!
Kenta:Liar! anda know what's Truth...
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