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posted by kelseyjayne25
A. When Calls the Heart
-Elizabeth's decision p26
-reunion with Jonathan(brother) p32
-Mary, William, Kathleen, Elizabeth p39-40
-Lacome p60 and p68-70
-Challenges p104 about
-Wynn Delaney p115
Andy p.159
confusion is sorted out p171
program p185

B. When comes the spring
-Wedding p46
-arguement p58
-wolves p98
-Hudson's teluk, da? p113
-disappointment p118-121
-Nimmie p135 (converted p225)
-Hurting White Woman p154,190
-bible story p169

C. When breaks the dawn
-Kip fights Buck p54-56
-Nonita p64-67
-school p77 about
-Susie stays with Elizabeth p109
-childlike faith p128
-Sonny and a loss p143,147
-Alexander p160
-Calgary p181
-Samuel p198 (father takes him back p213 about)

D. When Hope springs New
-new places p15,175
-sled anjing p70-75
-fire p86 about
-Wynn returns from trip p139
-Lemeche and Silver bintang p158
-News p190
-Henry p212
posted by kelseyjayne25
I. Seasons of the Heart

A. Once upon a summer
-Main character: Josh, 12 cared for oleh Lou, 18 and aunt
- grandpa and uncle charlie want to see Lou happily married but Josh is scared of change
-young preacher teaches Josh and falls in cinta with Lou
-Gramps moves in

B. The winds of Autumn
-Josh has a dog, Pixie
-He goes camping (bull scare,pg37)
-he has a crush (p67)
-survives a fight (p120ish)
-Lou's baby dies (p174)

C. Winter is not Forever
- Josh's friend Willie dates Mary Turley p23
-Sarah is born p.32
-Mary b/c a christian p.44 -(mother also, ps.84)
-Josh graduates pg 48
-Camellia becomes a christian again...
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