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 Sofie, Oringal - oleh IDDfan, 2009
Sofie, Oringal - by IDDfan, 2009
**I feel that after tahun and a half of changing, cropping, and editing information about my first fanfiction character, I should make a bio that people would not only read for knowledge, but I can reefer back to it for any facts about her.**


Full Name: Sofia Shizoku Hibiki
Name Origin: Sofia - "Wise", Shizoku - "Quiet Child", Hibiki - "Echo, atau Sound"
Age: 15 (+ 3/4)
Birthday: February 15th, 1995
Hair: Red (Orange), Pigtails
Eyes: Green
Siblings: Ryoga Hibiki (See: "Ranma 1/2")
Personality: Defensive, grumpy, energetic, caring, lonesome, overly dramatic, emotional
Favorite Color: Green // Yellow //...
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To-to-ro, Totoro! To-to-ro, Totoro!

Who leaves the seeds,
For anda to find?
Follow them and anda will see,
a treasure there.

Then plant the seeds,
and help them grow!
It may seem the like a dream,
things are not what they seem.

Now begins a new adventure for you!
And you'll be with

To-to-ro, Totoro! To-to-ro, Totoro!

Living in the forest trees,
for such a very, very long time!

There you'll be with

To-to-ro, Totoro! To-to-ro, Totoro!

You only see him when your very young,
a magical adventure for you!
It's magic for you.

Rain tumbles down...
the bus is late.
Suddenly, a furry wet giant
is oleh your...
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 "I'm only trying to keep that pig away from you, anda stupid macho-chick!"
"I'm only trying to keep that pig away from you, you stupid macho-chick!"
"It's the same thing every hari with you, isn't it, Ranma!?" I screamed, clutching my small black piglet tightly to my side. "You wake up, go to school, then come back to our Dojo to eat our food and irritate P-chan and I!" I glared at her dripping-wet face and chest, ignoring the loud clanks of the damp wooden bucket I had hurled at her moments yang lalu as it clinked down the steps.
"I'm only trying to keep that pig away from you, anda stupid macho-chick!" Ranma yelled in return.
"P-chan in my pet, dummy! I want him with me!"

"Oh my..." Kasumi sighed from the dapur doorway with a steaming pot in...
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The english lyrics to the detik OVA ending for Ranma 1/2: link oleh DoCo.



Up in blue sky silly blimp go by,
where it come from where it going,
ziggy-zaggy it fly high!

Today is Sunday,
past one-thirty,
why anda no come by?
Maybe anda late but I no can wait...

Now I cry...


Pretty red bricks,
bridge that spans the tide.
Draw the picture see the face
of the one I want oleh my side!

There anda are all dressed in black
but I can't see your eyes.
Can it be your dressed that way for me?

Why are anda so shy?

Beep-beep! Beep-beep!


This pager's drivin' me crazy!

Just so! anda know!

If some dark stranger asked me I might go...
And so...

Don't blame me when your lonely!
We're sailing out to see the ship and me.

Lalala, lala, lala, lalalaa~!
Lalala, lala-la-la-la-la-la, laa~!

Repeat x3.
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All of this... every inch of this town... gave off an eerie, familiar feeling. atau at least to me. Like somehow, I knew it. I knew it's name, it's streets, everything. But I'v never been here.
"Sofie!" my brother shouted while carrying boxes into our new, extravagant (in my point of view) house. "Don't wander too far from the house!" he continued, referring to my (and his) terrible sense of direction. Without answering, my footsteps still clattered noisily along the empty sidewalk.
After a menit atau two, strong hands gripped my shoulders and whispered sternly in my ear,
"I told anda to...
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Of course I was happy that Ryoga told me that he made the deal. I was happy that I could come to the wedding. I was even happy on the walk to the chapel. I had purchased another dress: this one a bit lebih formal. That hari I looked like a dim copy of my usual self. I wore dark berwarna merah muda, merah muda with a white collar. It puffed out a bit on the bottom because of a white dress underneath. In my hands I held crimson mawar that, in the gentle breeze I could smell without ruining them.
"Is there anything else anda would like to share with me about your stay at the Tendo's house?" Ryoga asked, straightening his red...
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**FANFICTION CHARACTER/COUPLE WARNING! Not so much a couple, but just kinda made-up stuff about Ranma 1/2 that never happened, but make sense... I think. Oh-- and there's 'prolly some mistakes. X3**

When I awoke, the house was empty. It has, is, and always will be a regular thing. Preparing and eating breakfast oleh myself. I've known silence like a mother knows her child, but I hate it like a kobra, cobra hate a mongoose. Then I got a phone-call.
"Moshi moshi. Hibiki residence, Sofia speaking. How may I help anda this morning?" I yawned with the phone to my ear. Surprisingly enough, there was no answer....
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This is just the first page of my continuing evolution of life, yeah

Because I wanted to hold you, I learnt how to walk closer
Because I sometimes get lonely, I learnt how to breathe with you

Hey Mama, guess what, at last I found someone that I really like
Are anda happy?

Before now
Did anda know how to look after yourself, I wonder
Who is the one feeding anda this time?
Are these words ones anda learned atau just copied?

Papa, Mama, everyone

What’s this? Something’s wrong...

When I stepped meneruskan, ke depan to embrace anda with these two arms of mine
Somehow they only begun to hurt anda lebih and lebih with every moment...
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My legs were aching in pulsing waves as I swiftly crunched through the autumn leaves blanketed across the ground.
"You can't run forever," a screeching voice yowled in the lonely, black distance behind me. "We're coming for you!"
I huffed harder trying to escape the territory. The gigantic full moon was almost completely covered oleh clouds with only a few specks of white light shining upon the ground. As soon as I was outside of the enemy line, I continued sprinting toward my lands as fast as my short legs could take me. To my horror, still, lifeless bodies scattered the area. I scanned through...
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For Ciaran, my ghetto fabulous baby.


It's still not quite apparent to me how this muilti-member relationship began.
I'm aware of the word 'fate', and how it's been tossed around a lot these days.
But looking back on the events that have happened in the past few years,
I don't think toying with that term is appropriate.

It started with a boy. I didn't know him, but anda could tell from the tenacious look in his eye that he was always aiming for something. Most adults look at people his age and think that his goals are just childlike dreams. A far off glint.

"I want to be a Korean pop star."
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posted by Lolly4me2
I walked slowly to Chris and Chef's tent while they ate dinner. Chef was still in his army suit.
"...Hey guys," I berkata stepping inside.
"What do anda want?" Chef asked putting down his fork.
"Food..." I berkata with a cute smile. Chris looked at Chef and Chef looked back.
"Your "food" is in the tempat sampah in the Mess Hall, little lady." Chris smiled. I scowled in return.
"Well, that food is not good for my growing teen-girl body!" I berkata rocking on my heels. Chef sighed and pointed toward the fridge. I was walking over when I saw a pair of feet disappear behind the counter. My eyes opened and I thought...
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'Gonna live a hell of a dream today,
one that don't involve a hoe!
A dream not of money but of music
that we sing in the show!


Wonder how a sweet young thing like me,
gets us out of tight fixes!


anda gotta wonder why these guy are after us,
Oh yeeaah~!


musik can be the cure,

Mako and ichiro:

For the jantung that ain't so pure!


And a well-time rental from a guy who mental--


Saves~ our~ asses~!

Will we ever get the doe we need?
Our pockets always bleed!
Whoa-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh~!

We're not opposed to greed!

We keep on farming daikon to get by,
makes anda wonder why?
Whoa-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh~!

Turn it into cash~!
After I've made some black teh to help anda wake up,
I shall bake some roti and make some omelet.
Those servants who are useless and can't do anything right,
I shall grill some burn marks onto them as well, severely.

I shall put a kemeja on you, button it, tie a ribbon,
help anda put on your socks, and finish with your eye-patch.
THIS, is my master Lord Ciel Phantomhive.

How can this kind of spot have a bunch of disarranged tempat tidur hair!
And what a stubborn bundle it is!
Does tempat tidur hair act just like its master atau something?
It doesn't listen to what I say at all!

I do think that some punishment is in order......
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"Here, little one. Trying membaca some words from these books. I will be back." the Russian set three thin binds of colorful pages on the child's legs and walked away to the selanjutnya room in his heavy boots, encasing her behind the strong wooden door, not quite shutting it all the way. The bright warna and characters enticed her voiceless mind. She brushed her finger tips over the hard cover to the corner of the book rested on her small thighs, opening it to reveal the first flimsy white square titled; "Моя семья." On the white, shiny page was a picture of a group of people. Some were...
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Now you've seen,
what I think we mean,
when we say don't think to hard today!

And it's true that,
the things that we do
mean a lot to the people we play.

But we're just some actors~!
Drinking bir after work
just like you.

We're glad that anda bought this,
we can pay for our beers
thanks to you~!

Hideki and Ichiro:

Dum-shoobee-waddap, dumee-shoobee-waddap!
Dum-shoobee-waddap, dumee-shoobee-waddap!
Very much, very much!

We have jobs
thanks to you!
Thank anda very much!
Very much!
Very nice!


Very much!
Now we'll go,
work on the selanjutnya show!


In the tampil anda see on TV,
in jepang originally!

Mako and Ichiro:

Very much!


Don't go away~!

Mako and Ichiro:

Dum-shoobee-waddap, dumee-shoobee-waddap!
Dum-shoobee-waddap, dumee-shoobee-waddap!


Don't go 'way!
The english lyrics to the detik opening for the OVA's of Ranma 1/2: link oleh DoCo.


You may touch me in dreams but they don't stay.

(Today anda don't have much to say.)

How am I gonna face the light of day?

(What have I done now?)

Things completely unspoken,
thinking it's for the best,
Then I look into your eyes,
and it gets tight in my chest,

Hear the river tells of our goodbye.

(It's late and they all wait for me!)

Sayonara whispers on the breeze.

(I'll get in trouble!)

Let me know what in your heart,
that a good place to start.
All I need is a small song,
and I give my jantung to you.

anda and me have still got,
so much we need to say!
Friendship's not enough,
Why can't we seize the day?

Dontcha' know I got no idea
from this point on?

So far to go
until we both agree,
anda and me.
Tonight, too, anda have a blank look in your eyes,
as your hesitating shadow reflected in the mirror
mischievously becomes even darker,
and takes a grey-colored breath.

Now, resist! This is a slowly precipitating world.
Shouldn't where anda stand be some place different?

I tut-tut at the overly embellished lies,
and fly off with my feet bare.
With my shackles removed, what's left
is my laughably foolish but yet sturdy strength.

My chest starts to throb to the point of being helpless,
as I force open the night's window.
Yes, I shall do everything as ordered oleh you.
You will rule the world.

When anda break out...
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Name: Katsumi Kunoichi
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Status: Ninja
Occupation: Member of the "Sexy Kunoichi teh Shop"
Eyes: Pink
Hair: Black
Accessories: berwarna merah muda, merah muda bow tied above her bangs
Habbit: Uses a microphone way too often, says 'hmph" after many of her sentences.
Personality: Dramatic, scornful, fast, quick-thinking
Bio: Katsumi, meaning victorious beauty, is the favorit neice of the Kunoichi sisters. After Konatsu (Katsumi's cousin), left to live with Ukyo after Ukyo promised to take care of him, Katsumi was enraged that he had left her alone and waited a tahun until she was finally diberikan a bit lebih leash...
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**characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi, I do not own them**


My foot steps clicked along the stone path. I could hear thunder in the distance, but didn't have the will to run faster. Plip. The first drop of rain. Plip, plip. Clouds began to form. The world began to grow bigger. I stared at what I was hoping to be my tall, 16 tahun old self in a puddle. But a small black pig stared back. Tears shed down my cheeks but were masked oleh the thick rain. I began to sprint, leaving my backpack and umbrella behind, since I could no longer carry them.

Before me, another umbrella thudded against the pavement....
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**a short cuplikan of a new character I'm working on**

Name: Lu-fá (pronounced: Loo-fah)
Age: 15
Race: Chinese (same amazon Tribe as Shampoo)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blue
Style: Braided into two large pigtails.
Accessories: A large white bunga on right side of her head.
Love Interest: Mousse
Friends: Tendo Family, Ukyo, Cologne
Enemies: Shampoo, atau anyone who favors the marriage of mousse and Shampoo
Bio: Lu-fá is a member of Shampoo's amazon tribe of women back in China. Her and Shampoo used to be friends, until mousse became betrothed to Shampoo. Lu-fá has always had a big crush on Mousse, and claims to...
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