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posted by LuggaaTun
Navi seems to be lost. In Majoras Mask, Link is actually searching for her. Me pertanyaan is, is she lost in the future atau is she just fed up with Link and him not answering so she's gonna go and find another Kyokiri to annoy? It's a shame really. Then your stuck with Tattle and many others. So it seams that your stuck with them through out the series and anda start to miss Navi's occasional, atau forever on going, "Hey! Listen! Watch out!" So, does anyone have a clue on where she is? Link just kind of left her and went to the clouds.
posted by Takuya
My favorit videogame hero of all time, the hero choosen oleh the gods of Hyrule and the holder of the Triforce of courage, his name is Link of Hyrule.

I have played and enjoyed 80% of all of the Legend of Zelda games and I will play all the ones that will be released in the future, and since I like this character so much I figure I should write this artikel about him.

Link doesn't have much personality since he isn't talking in the games and the player makes the decisions but he is refered to as brave and very kind with a strong sense of justice.

Since Link isn't saying anything...
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posted by speedy106
Hi! I'm speedy106, and this is my 1st fanfic here, so please loosen those ropes. I'm gonna daftar a few notes here...
WARNING! If anda do NOT like yaoi, (boyxboy)turn back NOW! I repeat, if anda do NOT like yaoi, turn back NOW! So if anda don't like yaoi and read this, and say something like,"Eww! I hate this!" atau something along that line, I'm gonna say,"I told anda there was gonna be yaoi!"
I don't own anything, and I don't even own a video game, so, again, go easy on me.
Last but not least, to linklover1313, I'm dedicating this fanfic to you. I told anda I was gonna do this....
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