Leyton vs. brucas Something I've wondered about

Leyton4ever posted on Mar 04, 2008 at 06:45AM
Ok so here is something that I've wondered about as I read forum posts on different OTH websites.

I just have a question I'd like you guys to give me your opinion on especially brucas fans.

Now I've seen many many posts on different sites where many people(both leyton and brucas fans) that show has been written for Lucas and Peyton to be an endgame couple. That it's always been there since the beginning. Now with that being said..first off do you agree with that?

And if you agree with that let me just ask you with that being said why as a Brucas Fan would you be so upset if Lucas was the endgame couple?

See this doesn't make any sense to me, if you think the show was written for leyton to be endgame yet you watch it anyway why should this upset you?

Now I don't wanna offend anyone, i'm not saying that everyone thinks this...it's just something that I've been pondering over and thought I'd ask to see some others opinions.

and to make my opinion noted, i definately think the show so far has been written for leyton to be and endgame couple which I completely support however I wouldn't be that upset if it turned out to be brucas(it could be worse)..in fact I'd be ok if Lucas didn't end up with Peyton or Brooke(though i'd be kinda annoyed).

So let me know what you guys think!

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu broody4cheery said…
ok, first off i'm a brucas fan. its prob obvious and i agree that from the beginning it was written as leyton being endgame.
why do i still go for brucas, its simple.
when the show began they didn't know what was going to happen, they had a guideline but as it went on things changed, i don't think brucas was meant to be so important but it happened, as a way to sidetrack leyton - definately! but they hit gold when they did it and brucas stole the screen building a huge fanbase, and it just goes to show why brucas is so important, they shouldn't not be together because of leyton being written as endgame, they should be together despite it because that's how powerful their relationship has come off. am i making sense.
the question you ask i ask myself all the time, but my support of brucas never waivers.
and the show has given me many reasons to keep supporting this couple.
i do like peyton but i have a mental pro con list when it comes to leyton vs brucas.
1. i just feel brucas more
2. as much as the writers try to rewrite history brooke and lucas genuinely loved each other and if a person doesn't believe they were each others first love(even though they're not each others only love and may not be their last love) then they are ignoring the facts of the show.
3. as much as its being said that leyton are meant to be the writers keep giving as reasons to doubt that - they gave peyton and lucas another powerful fan loved relationship (of course i'm talking about Jeyton and Brucas), we heard lucas full on say he was in love with brooke not peyton and when he looked deep inside he chose brooke, some of the biggest moments have been brucas, he fought for brooke and he did choose her more than once.
i won't get into all the other things.

leyton could have been something but then brucas happened and in my heart and mind atleast there is no going back.

i love the show and it does upset me that brucas may not get together and leyton is being shoved down my throat and i use that expression because thats how i feel as though its being forced, it just doesn't feel real to me, like if they were people i'd be screaming "are you crazy, get over some highschool crush and realise you are both in love with other people, open your eyes" it just seems to me that the only reason leyton are together is because thats what the writers want, its not being true to the show, and even when i watch it i can't help but think that leyton are together because they (the fictional characters) think they should be together and because others are telling them (for example their real loves brooke and jake)that they belong together, they're not following their hearts they're following their minds.
sorry i'm dragging on. you ask one question and i bombard you with my constant brucas/leyton thought debate.
so i'll quickly end this, i think it will be a mistake if leyton end the show together because i think the show is better when brucas is together and i believe peyton belongs with jake. but i'll continue to watch the show because there are a million otehr reasons why i love it.