Leyton Family<3 Which disney Princess do anda think Kelly is most like??

Pick one:
Belle: free thinker, dreamer, very kind, loyal, graceful, smart and valiant.
Cinderella: cheerful and sunny attitude, honest, faithful, caring and paitent.
Mulan: independent and self-reliant, brave and heroic, bit mischievous
Pocahontas: wise, noble, and brave, free spirited, athletic, skillful, strong.
Ariel: energetic, fun-loving, adventurous and outgoing, stubborn and determined
Aurora: hopeless romantic, sophisticated, kind, selfless, and obedient
Jasmine: spirited and headstrong, honest, good at heart, self-confidant, powerful
Snow White: sweet, charming, cheerful, gentle, pure, trusting, nurturing.
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