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Many fan might be surprised cos taemin cried yesterday. But actually what we saw isn't really crying ...
My tutor is the female MC's cousin so she went yesterday to visit the female MC. After SHINee went backstage , all the members cried really hard. Taemin cried really hard too. Even though they closed the door and cried in there, however the crying sound can still be heard from the outside..
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Fan Thought from lkbumkeyk:

Our 5 precious and shining little boys. anda definitely deserve the daesang award. anda have worked hard for us Shawols, not just for us fan but the whole world...
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Back on August 21st, SM Entertainment sent out a message through SHINee's official LINE and Kakaotalk accounts, announcing that once the view count for Taemin's musik video for his solo debut, "Danger" hits 4 million, the dance practice video for the Michael Jackson influenced track would be uploaded onto Youtube.

fan have been working hard to achieve the view count and on September 1st, "Danger" finally reached 4 million tampilan and to delight of Shawols all around the world, the dance practice video was released! At the beginning of the video, footage of Taemin's practice with choreographer Ian Eastwood showed the former's incredible learning speed. The formal full-joint practice faded in after and like always, the fluid dance moves of SHINee's maknae and very first soloist lit up the screen.

Check out the video: link

Written by: debsayys @ shineee.net
SHINee’s maknae, Taemin is out to steal nuna’s hearts as a mysterious thief. I want to accuse him of embezzling what has been dispossessed, but I can’t. For nuna’s hearts cannot be dispossessed since they have been Taemin’s from the beginning. I met Taemin, who has made a surprise growth for 7 years and set out to be a soloist, in Seoul on 8/22. The following are Taemin’s jawaban to the pertanyaan I wanted to ask Taemin.

Q. anda are the first soloist from SHINee. How do anda feel?

A. It was a big burden but also made my jantung aflutter. I’m trying diverse things. In SHINee, members...
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On July 25th, a laporan from Korean media outlet, MBN mentioned that according to insider's information, SHINee's very own maknae and dancing machine, Taemin is currently preparing for his debut solo album. The album is already in its last stage of preparation and although the release tanggal has yet to be finalised, the album is expected to be completed oleh mid-August.

Information from the insider has also revealed that Taemin has put in a lot of effort for this new album, and had flown out to Los Angeles several days yang lalu to learn the choreography for a new song. He is currently practicing hard for both his dances and songs while waiting to film his first solo musik video.

SM Entertainment has confirmed the news with Korean media outlet, news1. "Taemin is indeed preparing for his solo album, but details such as the album's release tanggal has yet to be confirmed."

Source: kpopn.com

Written by: dorothealy @ shineee.net

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