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posted by kyoya02
im getting a fang leone because the video i have seen are epic like: big bang pegasis vs fang leone and volcan horrois vs fang leone i already have rock leone one time it was 6 beys battling: lightning l drago,storm pegasis,rock leone,flame segitarius, dark banteng and dark wolf. the puncak, atas two were dark serigala and rock leone so i took them out and battled them rock leone won the winner of the 6 way battle was rock leone if anda wanted to know.
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"your brother is not dead yet i'm keeping him alive if anda beat me in a bey battle!" sais damian 3...2...1...LET IT RIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! goooooo!!!!!!! fang leone upside down tornado!!!!!!!! sais kyoya "shows anda rite i beat you!"yells kyoya

selanjutnya chapter...

"sorry i lied i don't even have him anda idiot!" tell me whare he is anda werdo!


the selanjutnya book is Kyoya's adventure...
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posted by devil_in_love
Nagi:*looks up* ginka
Ginka : sorry about that
Nagi : no it is all my fault I was thinking about something
Ginka what was is
Nagi nothing I mportanet
Ginka : soo can I hear the song
Nagi: what song
Ginka :for musik class
Nagi : omg a totally forgot
Ginka : anda are in trouble
Nagi I know I got to go bey
Ginka bye
At school
*kyoya and natsumi making out in lunch*
Ryuga : stop anda tow I am trying to eat
Ginka : for once I agree with ryuga
Kyoya: anda are just jealous
Ryuga : anda are going down
Ginka : ooh ya
Benki : do not touch kyoya
Ryuga : shut up anda are just a fan boy
*a fight start *
Natsumi : kick there...
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'Wh--he--er a-am I'.Nikora asked slowly opening her eyes she still had a headache from getting hit oleh a bey. 'Hello'. She called out . Just then a raspy voice answered her 'Keep it dowm'. A boy with a black suit and a white mantel over his shoulders answered. 'Ryuga'. Nikora called out she sat up and took one look at him then started to leave. She turned around and berkata 'Thanks', then she was about to leave when Ryuga said'Go towards west if anda wanna find Kyoya". She turned around in time to find that Ryuga had dissapeared.

She ran and in a few menit she found the others and told them how Ryuga...
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posted by devil_in_love
Nagi: *blushes*
ginka :*kiss*
nagi *kiss him back *
nagi : blushes
ginka : is there someone devious in this school with good plans
nagi:yes there is a girl named utau she is devious
ginka: thank you
nagi : why anda asking
ginka: we want to get revenge on someone
nagi : ok
nagi : would anda like to go to prom with me
ginka: I will be happy to
nagi: great it is selanjutnya week
ginka :ok
nagi: bye
ginka : bye

natsumi : kyoya would anda like to go to prom with me
kyoya: sure
natsumi: ware we should have makan malam today
kyoya let us get anything for makan malam and then go eat dessert
natsumi :ok
waiter: what will anda have
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