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posted by AmyTheHedgie
This is a fan fiction made oleh ~AmyRose-TheHedgehog (DA accound) And AmyTheHedgie (fanpop)
Sonic is 21 and Knuckles and Rouge come to Amy and Sonic's house often
Amy: Is 17 and lives in a house with
Sonic The Hedgehog And Likes to bake cake.
Knuckles: Is 22 and is dating
Rouge The Bat And is Acholholic
Rouge: Is 21 and is in a relationship with
Knuckles The Enchinda

(It is Rouge's Birthday) [Febuary 19 1990]
Rouge: hey GUYS!!! *knocking down sonics door*
Sonic: WHAT THE Heck!?!?!?!
Amy: Rouge? Are anda drinking Soda again? ^^;
Rouge: NO SILLY *drinks soda while Amy is turned around*
(Rouge leaves the house)