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posted by Sinna_Hime_chan
Whoever berkata that ‘A ciuman is Just a Kiss’ (and a sigh is just a sigh) has clearly not been kissed as well as one ought to experience in the vast sea if exceptional, beautiful, breath-taking kisses that are not only possible but VERY tangible and real!

A ciuman can be sexy, sweet, slow, fast, smooth, simple, warm … The vocabulary falls short of what they can say and convey: two lips.

Kissing is an art in itself, The Kama Sutra recognized its power to express feelings, emotions and passions. Therefore, the menulis describes in detail the kisses and the occasions to be used for each of them....
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The Forehead ciuman - The forehead ciuman usually means that anda are just friends. Depending on how it is planted, it can also be used as a means of tampilkan deep affection to a loved one. Most people use use it as a starter ciuman when they meet someone new, to express that they like them.

The Eskimo ciuman - It is commonly used oleh children and parents as an indication of affection. It involves rubbing your nose against your loved nose back and forth. This type of ciuman has its origin from the Eskimo, hence the name Eskimo kiss.

The French ciuman - The French is considered most populer romantic kiss. A...
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posted by unohana
1.Drop hints that you're interested. anda can put out some subtle signals that you're angling for a ciuman without coming right out and saying it. Here's how to communicate it romantically

2.Break the ciuman barrier (optional). If you're feeling brave, test the waters with a small ciuman on the hand atau the cheek. If the other person seems interested, it's probably aman, brankas to proceed with a ciuman on the mouth.

If you're ciuman a girl: Take her hand and slowly lift it to your mouth. Gently press your lips into the back of your hand for 2 atau 3 detik before breaking away.
If you're ciuman a guy: Lean in...
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1.Gently peck your partner on the lips.

2.Do a lip-lock. Do this oleh putting your puncak, atas lip on top, their puncak, atas lip under it, your bottom lip under their top, and their bottom lip under yours. anda can turn this to the side.

3Gently suck atau nibble on your partners lip. If anda want, anda can suck it hard for a surprising sound that follows. This will not hurt unless anda suck extremely hard.

-If your not as experienced as your partner then let them take control.

-Experiment! Do whatever feels right for anda and your partner. Also, try to create new ways for anda and your partner to ciuman without the tongue. anda could try to make it a lebih seductive ciuman session oleh not letting your partner finish the ciuman oleh pulling him/her toward anda while ciuman so the ciuman lasts longer atau oleh following them without letting their lips leave yours. Whatever works! Best of luck!
posted by unohana
1.At the end of the date, find a way to get close to him atau her. This will not only help anda read your date’s level of interest better, but also get yourself into position should the opportunity to ciuman present itself.

2.Gauge your date’s reaction to you. You'll need to do this quickly as the goodbye-kiss window doesn’t stay open for long. If you’re walking your tanggal halaman awal and they don’t let anda get that close to the door, take this physical distancing as a sign that a goodnight ciuman isn't such a great idea. If (s)he is eager to get the keys in the door, this too is a bad sign. Other...
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1.See if she does many of the things listed in the artikel How to Hint for a ciuman from a Guy.

2.Grab her slowly and tell her how nice she looks. This will help start a good conversation.

3.Then ask her to ciuman anda (with her permission). If she says that anda have to start, don't be afraid. Just do it.

4.Sometimes she will start smiling. That's a sign that she wants a kiss.

-Don't be scared.
-Hold her smoothly.
-Tell her that anda enjoyed the kiss.
-Making a joke while ciuman can make the mood fun.

-Don't go overboard oleh grabbing parts of her body without her permission.