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Kick pushed Gunther back to the shelter on Ol' Blue. Later that night, Kick made a api to cook the fish, which were being cooked on a huge stick all at once. He handed some to Gunther, and he took a bite out of the ikan like a maniac.
"HOLY CRAP, MAN! WHERE DID anda LEARN TO MAKE FISH?! THIS IS THE BEST ikan I EVER HAD!" Gunther screamed. He was so happy, he felt like he was going to expolode! He didn't have any food that tasted this good in days! They both most of the ikan within 5 minutes. Kick fell asleep in the shelter, while Gunther was still wide awake. When all of a sudden, he saw a beruang running straight torward their shelter!
"Kick! Wake up! A bear's coming straight toward us!....... I guess it was only a racoon....... Sorry! I'm kinda' scared of the wilderness now after what happened when anda left me alone for the day. It sucks not being able to walk, Kick. I can get board in life easy like this............
Kick? Uuuugghhhhh! Where did he go now?"
Gunther screamed, terrified. A 10ft tall grizzly beruang was right in front of him.
"Hi! Do anda like sandwiches?....Because..... well.... uummm....bye!" Gunther bolted off, unaware of the fact that he could get lost. The beruang chased after Gunther and continued to growl at him.
"Kiiiiiiick! Where are you! I'm about to be a grizzly bear's lunch!" There was a branch in Gunther's path. He tripped over it and tumbled down a steep, tall hill.
"OOOOOOWWWW!" He howled in pain, and ended up with a broken leg, ankle, and arm. All he could do was lay there. Luckly, the beruang was no longer chasing him. Gunther hoped Kick would find him.
Gunther thought in his mind "Kick couldn't possibly find me in this dense fog... could he?" He was so exhausted from being hungry and thirsty and being chased oleh a bear. He passed out.
It was 6:00 am. Kick woke up and saw Gunther's toe in his mouth.
"Uuuggghhhhhh!" Kick yelled, dicusted. Gunther was druling in his sleep. Kick crawled out of the shelter and saw that there was a bad rain storm. It appeared to be really dark out still and a very dense fog covered the forest.
Gunther woke up, confused and asked "Where are we? What's going on? Am I dead? Are we in heaven? Did anda die? Am I dead? Are-"
"Wait..... why does it look so creepy out there?......Can we stay here a little longer? I don-"
"If anda want to get to the puncak, atas of the cliff sooner, we have...
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"Gunther, it's a bear! Get out of the cave!" Kick yelled, already out of the cave and onto Ol' Blue. Gunther ran screaming onto the sepatu luncur, skate board, and they bolted of. The beruang started making strange noises, as if he was confused.
"We ARE gonna die out here! See? I knew it!" Gunther started to cry.
"Or we could just live here............"
Kick mumbled.
"No, we can't! It's too dangerous!"
"Come on, Gunther! Are we boys, atau men?"
"No, Gunther. We're men. We CAN survive out here alone. We won't survive, we'll LIVE."
"But we have nowhere to sleep!"
"Don't worry, I can build shelter for us. We can live and sleep in here until we find a way back up that cliff." Gunther fell on the ground face first fell asleep.
Kick just finished the shelter and dragged him inside. He was still a little sore from tumbling down that cliff. Bored from thinking of a plan to get to the puncak, atas of the cliff, Kick dozed off.
"Kick! I can't hang on any more! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! I'M NOT READY TO DIE!!!" They both tumbled down the cliff, not being able to stop themselves. They felt like a pile of jello after that painful tumble.
"Am I dead?" Gunther asked.
"No, Gunther. We're at the bottom of the cliff now.......... There's got to be a way to get back up there, any ideas?"
"No! It's impossible Kick! We're gonna die out here! There's no way back up there! What will we do now?!" It's okay, Gunther. I have a plan. See that cliff over there in the shape of a ramp? We use Ol' Blue to bolt up the cliff, back where we came from. What do anda say?"
"I don't know about this Kick...I... I can't do it!"
"I can't believe it was a dream.... My girl friend was Tina Sometimes...And it was all a dream! Nooooooooooooooooooo! What will I do n-"
"Gunther! We're here."
"WOOHOO!" Gunther yelled. They both bolted out the door and found what looked like no sign of civilization.
"Awesome!"Kick said, very happy with where they were right now. Gunther walked over oleh a cliff to see the beautiful view of mountians and trees.
"Hey, Kick! Check out the view over here!" Right after he berkata that he slipped and fell down the cliff, then saw a branch grownig out of the cliff and grabbed it.
"Kiiiiiiiiiiiiick! Help me! I'm gonna die!"
"Holy crap!" Kick mumbled. He tried to grab Gunther, but was too short and fell, holding on to Ol' Blue and Gunther's foot.
"Magnus, where did the kids go?"
"I'm sure they're somewhere around here exploring."
Gunther woke up. There were garbage cans with lingon berry pies in them everywhere! He also saw a poling full of cokelat covered desks. He jumped in and ate all of the desks at once. He looked up in the sky and saw raining hot dogs.
While dancing around, Gunther yelled "lolololololololololololololol!"
and ate every hot dog he could see. Tina Sometimes walked up to him and asked "Will anda go out with me?"
Gunther yelled with joy "Yes!"
Their first tanggal was at the BattleSnax.
Gunther was dancing around when he randomly appeared in a jungle with ligon berry pie. When he went up to it, it turned into a bajing tanah, chipmunk and ate him. Gunther woke up and screamed.
"What a weird dream......"
posted by yoyo98
"I guess the catipult was a bad idea..... Gunther said.
"Look at me, Kick! I'm on crutches! That catipult was a terri-"
"No it was the best idea ever! You're a true friend, Gunthe-"
" I am?... WOOHOO!!!"Gunther kissed Kick.
"Uuhhhhhh..... okay.... I'm gonna pretend that didn't happen..." Kick said, confused.
"Me too......." Gunther said.
"Do anda want to get icecream?"Gunther asked?
"Sure. Are anda to be able to get there oleh yourself?" Kick asked.
"Yeah... I'm fine."
"Okay, let's go!"
"Hey, Kick what do anda think happened to Osckar?" Gunther asked.
".... Don't know......and I don't care..."
posted by yoyo98
"Osckar, I know we don't like each other, but get out of my house!" Kick yelled. Gunther set up a dog trap. It was a catipult with a dog treat. If Osckar stepped on it to get the treat, he would go flying far away from Mellowbrook.
"Kick! Get Osckar to come over here!" Gunther yelled. He put a dog treat on the catipult.
"Hey, Osckar! Look over here!"
Osckar darted to the treat. He went over the catipult, and nothing happend!
Gunther went on the catipult to see what was wrong.
"Why won't it- AAHHHHHHHHH!!!" The catipult launched Gunther into the air with Osckar biting his Buttowski. Kick had a suprised look on his face.
Kick thought in his mind "Crap! My parents are going to be halaman awal any menit now! He grabbed Ol' Blue and quikly cleaned everything in his path.
"Wow, good job Kick. anda kept the house clean!" Denise berkata suprised.
"Anything for my parents."
posted by yoyo98
"Okay, Gunther. All the cameras are set up. Now we wait and see who the culprit is."
"Hey Kick, do anda wanna head to the BattleSnax whhile we wait?"
"Gunther, you're a genius! While we're away from the house, the person atau thing might come back!" While Kick was busy talking about how much of a genius Gunther was, Gunther went to eat chicken wings from the garbage.
"Gunther!"Kick scolded.
While Kick and Gunther headed out the door , Osckar snook through the doorway, unaware of the fact that Kick and Gunther set up cameras.
"I'm gonna get the special." Gunther explained.
"So you're telling...
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"Kick what's wrong?" Gunther asked. He peeked through the door and was terrified.
"HOLY CRAP! WHAT HAPPENED IN THERE???!!!" Gunther yelled.
Before anyone saw him, Osckar ran out the door. The house was a wreck. All of the sofas were torn into pieces, the fridge was completely destoyed (the food was eaten inside). It was a mess.
"Kick......Did anda do this?"
"No, I don't kno-"
"Kick! Your parents are going to kill you!"
"But I if I didn't do it, then who d-"
"Who did it ? How did they get in? Are they still here? Why would they come in here and destroy your house? What did anda ever do to them?...
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"ARE anda OKAY???!!!" Gunther asked.
"Yeah, I just-"
"What happened to you??!!!"
"...."Kick didn't reply.
"Well, I guess it doesn't matter, as long as you're okay,"
Wacky Jacky came out of nowhere and blurted out"Hi, Kick!"
"Hi, Wa- Jacy..."Kick replied. Ignoring the presence of Wacky Jacky, Kick walked home.
"Do anda want to get icecream, Kick, because I know this great pla-"
"I know what I'm gonna do..."Kick started to explain.
"I'm going to try that stunt again..."
"You can't, Kick! It's too dangerous! Especailly with...Osckar around! You're gonna die!" Gunther berkata timidly.
"Who berkata anything about dieing?What's the worst that could happen?"
"Here we go again..." Gunther mumbled.
The selanjutnya morning, Kick bolted out of bed, got dressed, grabbed Ol' Blue, and headed out the door to Gunther's house.
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Kick was preparing for one of his stunts.
"I don't know about this Kick..." Gunther said, worried.
"Oh please, Gunther. What could possibly go wrong?" Gunther had an extremely worried look on his face. Kick was about to bolt down a huge ramp, over a pit full of toxic waste and extremely hungry grizzly bears.
"Where do anda even get this stuff from?" Gunther asked, confused. Kick didn't reply. Just after Gunther asked, Kick darted down the ramp, not with enough speed. Something went horribly wrong.
"Kiiiiiiick!" Gunther yelled, timid.
posted by StarsGoBlue
Chapter 4: Still Remains Unspoken
"Get the two-headed, overgrown baby with gangly arms!!! Is that all anda have, the pipe?" Jessica threw her arms up and laughed.  Kick had never met a girl who liked this game, they were always scared of the moans and blood-curdling screams.
"Ya know, your pretty good with playing games one-handed." "You're not too bad yourself" Kick returned the compliment.  Jess pushed back a strand of her auburn hair and adjusted  her cami. Kick watched from the corner of his eye. He mentally scolded himself.
Kick's Thoughts
"Come on Kick, she's your friend, quit visually...
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Chapter 2: Caterwauling Catfights  
"Gunther, this is Jessica, Jessica, Gunther." "Nice to meet you, Jessica." The pudgy blonde boy replied and  waggled his eyebrows at Kick. He could only shake his head. "Well, are we just gonna stand here, atau are we gonna go tear up the neighborhood?" Gunther beamed at Kick and mouthed the words: "nice choice!" " I'm gonna run halaman awal 'n grab my board" and with that, she ran down the stairs and to her house.  "Sooooo......,you and Jessica huh?? " The blonde boy questioned suspiciously " Gunther! What are anda saying? I barely even know this chick!"  The conversation...
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posted by BlackRoseBlood
Chapter 1: Crush And Burn
Soft mumbles echoed throughout Kick's room while he was plotting his selanjutnya area to destroy in the suburb without getting caught. Lately he hadn't been very careful with choosing where he chose to perform his stunts. His "expert planning" was interrupted oleh the backing up of a moving van. " Moving mobil van, van huh?" he chuckled " look out neighbors, here comes the welcoming committee" he berkata smugly.  He twisted on his famous striped ketopong, helm tighter to his head, snatched  "Ol' Blue" and headed out the door, noticing the silence in the house besides Brad who was busy being lazy...
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"What was that?" Kick asked Sparky. "Whawaswha?" replied the Lightopian.
"That thing!"
"That ship- thing!"
"Yeah that!"
"A what now?"
"Why are anda talking like that?"
"Because this means trouble- big trouble"

The selanjutnya night, Kick asked her the same question, but she just changed the subject.
"Hey look! It's Jackie!"
Then, Sparky jumped out the window, and made noises like she was lebih constipated than trying to scare someone away. The selanjutnya night, he asked her again. "Look," she replied, "I just don't want anyone getting killed!" And she was off....
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Kick decided to let Sparky out a few days later. Bad idea. She came home, followed oleh 19 atau 20 cop cars. "GET OFF MY LAWN, COPPERS, atau I'M TOTALLY GONNA TURN THE SPRINKLERS ON!" she yelled. One day, Kick got halaman awal late, and found her battling a police dog. "Fluffy Fairy Princess", the police dog, won. Sparky only got knocked out. There's your reason why she doesn't like anjing too much.

One day, Brad was hanging out in the front yard, with his girlfriend, when Sparky snuck up behind him- with a hose. And she didn't get makan malam that night, so she brought halaman awal lebih cops. Kick found it kind of funny how she always threatened to turn the sprinklers on on the cops. One day, however, she didn't look proud of herself- because she didn't bring halaman awal any "visitors". Instead, she was being chased oleh an alien spaceship.

"I SHALL DESTROY THIS PLANET!" boomed a voice from inside.
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"YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE, COPPERS!" Sparky was stealing food- again. Sparky, however, was no ordinary girl- she was a Lightopian alien. She had light purple fur, red miniature dragon wings, an jeruk, orange fox's tail, and two grey antennas with jeruk, orange tips, which had electricity running between them- since she had electric and lightning powers. "Not again, Sparky!" berkata Monica, Sparky's best friend, as she scooped her up. "You must have the wrong one..." Monica lied to the cops, "For the millionth time, we raised her since she was a baby!" The cops finally left, in cari of a made up "Lillian...
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Sparky is no ordinary girl- she's a Lightopian alien. A former stray, she is now Kick's pet. But Earth is under attack- oleh Lightopia's leader, Striker! She is determined to save the planet, but not alone! She has her best friends Kick, Gunther, and Monica, a very sweet and energetic girl, oleh her side. Will the friends save their planet- atau will they fall into the darkness of Striker's doom?

Sparky: Woah!
Zapnis: Excellent! Truly Beautiful!
Kat: Eh. Good, I guess. I could do better
Zapnis: Oh really? I'd like to see anda try!
Kat: Okay.
Kat, the best thing the universe has ever seen, saves Earth...
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