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It is pretty common that when people get married, they stop taking care of themselves and get fatter, atau dress in a lebih sloppy manner.

And we can surely apply this theory to Kevin Jonas. Just look at him!

Remember how cute he used to be? He used to go to the gym and work out and take good care of himself. Now it is clear from the foto above that he has really let himself go.

In the foto it is clear that he has put on the pounds. His kemeja even looks too tight for him. Like he got fat in a week and then couldn't find time to go buy new clothes.

It looks like married life has made him lazy. He has no time to take care of his look and hit the gym.
posted by sweet_sanaya
Not only are they musicians, actors and activists, we can now add designers to link resume.

The musical trio — link, link and link — just debuted their new line of watches online.

The site states, “The Jonas Brothers have created a cool, hip and trendy watch line that incorporates their cinta not only of music, but fashion. The line is made in an array of warna to suit all moods, seasons, occassions and lifestyle, priced at an affordable price starting at just $49.99 which offers great value. The watches are packed in a stackable custom designed and patented (exclusive to Jonas Brothers)...
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posted by sweet_sanaya
During a rare occasion that Kevin Jonas was seen not wearing his wedding ring it was clear that he instead sported a tattoo of his wife’s nickname “Dani” on his ring finger. Usually the tattoo is covered up oleh Kevin’s blinged out wedding ring, but we’re glad we got a chance to see it while he was suiting up for a Road anjing softball game!

What do anda think of Kev’s tattoo? We’re just wondering if Danielle has one in the same place that says “Kevin”? What do anda think?
posted by rethawalter
Kevin Jonas

Birth Name: Paul Kevin Jonas 11
Born: November 5, 1987. Teaneck, New Jersey U.S.
Age: 21
Origin: Wyckoff, New Jersey, U.S.
Genres: Pop Rock, Teen Pop
Instruments: Vocals, gitar
Years Active: 1999-present
Labels: Hollywood Columbia
Notable Instruments: Guitar.

Paul Kevin Jonas 11 (Born November 5, 1987), Also Known As Kevin
Jonas, And K2 And Is a Member Of The Jonas Brothers, a Boy Band He
Created With His younger Brothers Joe And Nick.

The Jonas Brothers Originally Started With a Solo bernyanyi Career For Nick,
But When Joe And Kevin Sang Backup For Him,...
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posted by AliceHale6
my name is Nikki and I have been going out with Kevin Jonas for a while now and this is how our relationship started so enjoy.

Frankie age:6 Nick age:14 Joe age:17 Nikki age:19
Kevin age:19

As i walked up to their door with the birthday present in hand I was excited.It was Joe's 17 th birth day.I knocked on the front door and their mom answered."Oh,hi nikki,the boys are in the other room"she berkata taking the present and placing it on the table.I walked into the living room where Joe and Nick were sitting on the couch."Hey, guys whats up?"I berkata running my fingers though their hair.I didn't see...
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Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle want to have a family

Th couple really want a small Jonas running around, and a while back they berkata they'd like to have a big family. Danielle has recently berkata that it's really Kevin who just can't wait to be a dad.

Even though the couple really wants to have a baby, they have thought it through and will not have one until they are lebih stable.