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twilight saga
breaking dawn
posted by just_bella
End of Chapter 29
***Emmett's POV***

My fist landed hard against someone's face, a grunt and a curse escaping their mouth. I realized that I didn't know the voice, which made everything easier. I reached out and grabbed the person, smiling as they tried to fight me off atau get away..my grip getting tighter around their neck. They growled as they kicked out, a foot making contact with my chest knocking the wind out of my lungs. I imagine that if I needed to breath that would be a bad thing, but I just held on to the person and did my best to avoid their flailing limbs. I didn't want to have to...
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End of Chapter 17

"Thomas." The other man berkata as Thomas pushed the pisau against her throat, not hard enough to break the skin but hard enough to leave a red line. "Thomas she is still...of use to us."

Thomas released the pressure on the knife, but not the woman's hair. He leaned down and sniffed the woman, a huge smile painted on his face as he released her hair, throwing it towards the ground.

Thomas went back to where the other man was waiting and quickly the two of them began arguing about who would be first to have their way with her. The woman whimpered and did her best to crawl away but...
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posted by just_bella
End of Chapter 15

"Homework might be a good idea." I berkata as I wrinkled my nose, wishing that I wasn't behind so we could spend alone time together.

"Yes, we'll have to start being responsible occasionally, atau Billy and Charlie aren't going to be so easygoing about this." She berkata as she waved her hand at the bikes, my face lighting up with joy.

"Homework once a week?" I asked.

"Maybe we better go with twice." She berkata as she smiled.

I sighed loudly, knowing that I would be spending lebih time with her..even if it meant doing homework. I reached out and grabbed two cans of pop that I had hidden in...
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End of Chpater 16

I moved slowly from my hiding place, making sure that no one could see me before I crawled out. I knew that the best thing I could do would be to run from this town and never come back, I was what they hunted..I wasn't safe. I turned and looked at the house, knowing I should run but wanting to leave something...anything for my father that let him know I was here. I looked around the area and spotted a small rock that sat beside the house, it was such a small and tiny rock that I had probably passed it a million times before..but now that I could see I noticed that the rock...
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posted by just_bella
End of Chapter 13

I was surprised when Harry Clearwater showed up with his wife Sue and children Leah and Seth. My tiny house was really crowded and Harry and Charlie decided to carry out chairs and a small meja so we could all sit outside and eat. My father, Charlie and Harry discussed their selanjutnya fishing adventure while Sue tried to make Harry feel bad about his cholesterol atau his weight which made us all laugh. Bella and I talked about our friends and school while Seth Clearwater did his best to include himself in everything we talked about. Once the food was gone and most of it was cleaned...
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End of Chapter 12

I laughed at her as I closed her door and went around, climbing into her truck. I gave her directions to our first stop, the county dump where I hoped we could find at least half of what we were looking for.

"Did your stereo break?" I asked as she pulled onto the highway.

"Yeah." She said, her eyes narrowing a bit.

"Who took it out? There's a lot of damage." I berkata as I poked around where the radio should have been with my finger, wondering what happened.

"I did."

"Maybe anda shouldn't touch the sepeda motor too much." I berkata as I laughed.

"No problem." She berkata as she stuck her tongue...
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End of Chapter 13

I started making my way down the jalan, street when the pain seared through my entire body, causing me to stumble into the side of Johnson's house. My hand instantly went to my throat, to the injury I had received during my fight with the vampire. My hand came back sticky, my mind racing as I thought of the fight I had endured in the sewer.

I thought back, trying to remember the entire fight. I remembered it lunging for me, knocking me to the ground..my head spinning...I must have hit my head. I tried to focus on the little memories, and for some reason I remembered something I hadn't...
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THIS GIRL WAS SOO SCARE AT SHE WAS GIONG TO BE selanjutnya BECAUSE IN HER DREAM she got moslet and she startes to scream but she trys to get loose but they hold her down and her firends come to help her but they start to cry and she crys and crys but now what will she do? she never gave up she told them this:let me go let me go! but then it was over and her firends ask her if she was okay but she wasnt and now she will say no lebih words what happen to her today but will she evr forget it also this is a dream about me who had a dream bout get moslet and never telling noboby but her firends how will...
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posted by just_bella
I'm so glad anda guys are enjoying this!! I wrote it for brysis and decided to share it with anda all. Hope anda enjoy this one, it was one of our favorites.

End of Chapter 7

"Yeah I know. Charlie berkata that she is unresponsive...she just lies in her tempat tidur muttering something about 'them leaving.'" He berkata as he looked at his hands. "I think it's a good thing that they're gone."

"How can anda say that?" I said, a bit louder then I should have.

"They don't belong here." He said.

"Whatever." I berkata as I wiped the susu off my face. "But Bella is hurting because they left. I wish I could do something, maybe...
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posted by just_bella
This one is getting to the end..then what!? Oh..I still have 3 stories but I'm use to 4!! NOT COMPLAINING!!!! Just making the statement!!
Thank anda everyone, your komentar and support are amazing!!
love anda all!!

End of Chapter 42

"We'll ride with Alice and Jasper." Esme berkata as she pushed Edward towards Rosalie and Emmett's car.

"Have fun with that." I thought.

"Gee thanks." Edward berkata as he climbed in the back kursi with Bella who looked like she would fall asleep any second.

I giggled and Jasper raised one eyebrow at me. "Edward?" He asked.

"Yeah, he really doesn't want to ride with them."...
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posted by just_bella
End of Chapter 33
***Edward's POV***

"Carlisle," Aro said, his voice breaking into my conversation with Alice. "My old friend, anda all look so nervous."

"We are nervous Aro." Carlisle said, knowing that lies would not be tolerated.

Aro stepped closer to Carlisle, holding one hand out for Carlisle to take. Carlisle knew that if he grabbed his hand that Aro would know everything that Carlisle had done since he left the Volturi. Carlisle took a deep breath before he stepped forward, his right hand offered out in front of him. Aro closed his eyes as he grasped Carlisle's hand and found out our entire...
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posted by just_bella
Ok everyone this is it for night, I think 4 stories in one hari is enough. I know I didn't write any in Bella's pov, but I wanted to catch up to that part in Edwards fist. Oh and hopefully this helps explain some things.


End of Chapter 56

I turned to ask Emmett and Rosalie how they were doing...but they were a little preoccupied at the moment and none of us wanted to interrupt them.

"Let's go." I berkata to Alice and Jasper who both quickly nodded.

I pulled my phone out and called Esme's phone, smiling as she answered on the detik ring.

"Edward?" She asked.

"Where is she? How is she?" I asked, panic...
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posted by just_bella
Ok all, I am going to be brutally honest. I am not sure how to keep this story going...I have a few pertanyaan that are stuck in my head that I have to answer before I keep this going. I will write the parts I have figured out, then....I guess we'll see.

End of Chapter 53

“Edward.” Emmett said, not trusting this man at all. He wanted to fight, and if this was the man who kept Bella away from us, Emmett wanted to have a piece of him.

“I know Emmett.” I berkata as I looked over at him and grinned.

“Where is she?” Gabriel asked as he stepped closer to the three women, avoiding Amelia.

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posted by just_bella
End of Chapter 4

"Then what the hell happened?"

"Um.." I berkata as I tried to think up something fast. I knew that if I told her about my dreams that she would probably think I was crazy..which I was beginning to pertanyaan myself. "I..I was going to go out..to get away..but when I went to sneak out last night I fell in the snow."

"Really Alexandra?" My mother berkata as she shook her head. "That's the best anda can come up with?"

"Yeah." I admitted.

"I'm so sick of your lies." She berkata as she stood up and stormed out of my room. I realized my life was a mess, both my real life and the dream life I wished...
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Hi all!!!

Just a note to say that I did not fall off the face of the planet!! I am still here, went through a lot in the last few months..I won't bore anda all with my life but I moved then moved again and haven't had time to think let alone write.


This is me apologizing for not menulis and being gone so much in the last few months.

AND a promise that I will do my best to start menulis again soon :)

Hope some of anda are still here, still with me :)

Thank anda all a million times for everything!!!
posted by just_bella
End of Chapter 6
***Alice’s POV***

"This hasn't happened yet." I reminded myself over and over again as we stood against one of the outside walls and watched as my family was attacked.

I looked around the room, which was lebih of a corridor..a central area then a room. It was the place where five different walkways came together. I realized that this was almost like a set up, that we had been led to the perfect place for an ambush. I was going to say something about it when I felt..sensed that Tallulah was trying to tampil me something.

"Alice!" She said, excitement in her voice. "That way!!"

I looked...
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posted by just_bella
detik one for tonight...SOOO I know it's STUPID..and INSANE...but does anyone think a Jacob pov might be a good idea...just let me know please. Thanks!!
Luv anda all!!

End of Chapter 38

"Shhh, Bella, Shhhh." Edward berkata as he dragged her non-moving body to a dipan, sofa that was just far away from Gianna.

I went and sat on the far side of the couch, knowing that Bella would end up in the middle of us. "I think she's having hysterics. Maybe anda should slap her." I suggested...wishing I could take back the last part as I watched Edwards face drop.

"It's all right, you're safe, it's all right." Edward...
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