Jung Ji Hoon (Rain Bi) I was in sydney during rain's walk the harbour bridge visit, when he snubbed a very small crowd of well-wishers who were eagre to meet him.Is Rain always so up himself?

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yes he is rude
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 marqx posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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no rain isnt up him self at all i can see that he is soooo kind and soooooooo modest too and rain loves his clouds (fans) maybe there was some thing wrong happening or he was going to leave fast or some thing like that every one have reasons to things like that so its okay ,he never do that with out important reason cause his clouds is like his family and they important to him i hope that u will know rain better cause he is realy kind with his clouds and we all know that rain is soooo busy so please dont understand him wrong sweety ^_^ , i will always love rain
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