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posted by vanticket
JB Contest
Justin Bieber is coming to Vancouver Wednesday 10 October 2012 @ 7:00 PM Rogers Arena.
We're looking for JB's biggest fans. Send foto to our myspace atau facebook .
Send us a foto of anda being a fan and we'll post them on our myspace and facebook page!!
Than anda have people leave komentar of your foto and the one with the most will win! That's what anda win, being in the spotlight as the biggest fan! We’ll also give anda a copy of his new cd “Believe”.
anda must be a myspace friend, twitter follower atau like our fan page on facebook.
the bieber family is everything to some people plus meya well all of the bieber brothers are cute yes they are i thought justin was cute but until i saw his other brother jaxon who is my age i thought he was cute what am i saying he is burning hot some people might think i'am loosing my mine but i'am not when some one asked would u eat him atau marry him atau tanggal him i would do all of them but the marrying him would half to wait.
one reason why i like jaxon bieber is cause he is my age and i think we have alot in common plus he smiles like an malaikat and so cute.
see lebih artikel on the bieber family later. see yallll later

oleh skylight123

pease komentar back jaxon b.

and others out there tooo ok

kissesssssssss lovealot