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Bridgette: The strings of my jantung are a tangled mess!

Gwen,Heather and courtney:ooh mess!

Bridgette:It's beatin' so hard it's jumpin out of my chest.

Gwen,Heather and courtney"ooh chest

Bridgette: i tried to fit two men in my soul

Gwen, Heather and Courtney:ooh soul

Bridgette:i ended up, stuck to a pole

Gwen, Heather and Courtney:she got stuck! should have ducked! worst of luck! Stuck, stuck to a pole

Bridgette: i fell for every little thing that he said.

Gwen, Heather and Courtney: ooh said!

Bridgette:And when i closed my eyes he jumped on a sled!

Gwen, Heather and Courtney:ooh sled

Bridgette:now he,s gone, I'm still stuck in this place.

Gwen, Heather and Courtney:ooh place

Bridgette:would someone pour warm water down my face?

Gwen, Heather and Courtney:she got stuck! should have ducked! Worst of luck! Stuck, stuck to a pole! stuck, stuck, stuck to a pole!
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Come fly with us
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Sutck to a pole
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ok well i'm 14 and i'm obsessed with TV i cinta total drama island/actio/world tour my favourite chracters are duncan,courtney,sierra,cody,ezikiel,noah,izzy, tyler and harold i like DXC but i kind of like DXG to but dxc i still number 1. i cinta watching total dramaworld tour but sadly i have to watch it on my i pod because i live in australia and im half greek. i cinta fanpop i think im addicted lol. i cinta musik my favourite singers are Lady Gaga t.i. and eminem. i cinta playin xbox and wii my favourite xbox game is halo and my favourite wii game is mario cart. i cinta to play a bit of sports but not to much

Ok that's a bit about me
TDWT songs
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Awesome song bye eminem