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Okay sooo, i made this artikel 4 any1 who has a wet iPod due 2... anything wet, like water, and how 2 cure it!!
What u will need....:
Bag of rice
Ur wet iPod
A microwave

Okay, the 1st thing u do is take the bag of nasi, beras and put it in the microwave 4 about 25 detik atau so.

Next, u need 2 take the nasi, beras out of the microwave, and open it.

After that, place ur iPod in the bag of rice, make sure its completely covered with rice.

Then, the part u dread, is 2 wait....

U should wait 4 about 3-4 hours.

And then take ur iPod out, turn it on, and there u go!!

U might be thinking,, how can nasi, beras do this?

Well, the nasi, beras soaks up all the water completely, and when the water is off of ur iPod, it begins 2 work

this actually works 4 cell phones 2, but if u ever try it with cell phones, make sure u take the whole thing apart.

I hope this helps ;p
There were all six volumes of Bob Dylan's bootleg series, 15 other Dylan Albums, and songs from seven Beatles, 6 of the Rolling Stones and four of Joan Baez. Apart from that there was Aretha, B.B King, Buddy Holly, Buffalo Springfield, Don Mclean, Donovan, The Doors, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash, John Mellencamp, Simon and Garfunkel, The Monkees and Sam and Sham. Current musicians were represented oleh 10,000 Maniacs, Alicia Keys, Black Eyed PEas, Coldplay, Dido, Green Day, John Mayer, Moby, U2, segel Talking Heads. There were also recordings, of Bach and three albums of Yo-Yo Ma, who he had asked to play at his funeral. Jobs later moved his entire musik collection to his iPad.
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These hot musik looks absolutely real change that any time prior. The industry appears to have many artists are entrepreneurs in the field above. link anda can contact support for the Bazaar accepted music. The mark, ketopong, helm microphones and instruments accompanying songs, that anda can buy added. This ambition of celebrities, a major change in the way of achieving, to the company. Therefore, if anda plan beat Dr DRE monster to the acquisition, once lebih there are no agnosticism can do no wrong turn. There Dr. Dr. Monster exhaust the best ketopong, helm on the market.

If anda close absolutely beats oleh Dr....
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The information about iPhone 5 is spoken of oleh people today around the globe. Many people make the decision to purchase a new iPhone 5 for switching their old iPhone atau other mobile phone. After having their own iPhone 5, they are immersed into the joy that iPhone 5 takes.

Nonetheless the majority of iPhone 5 end users wouldn’t realize that apel, apple doesn’t enable them to transfer any contents from iPhone 5 to Mac atau PC. They can only add musik from computer to iPhone 5 through iTunes, but not transfer songs from iPhone 5 to Mac.

At present apel, apple iTunes’ constraint can be a key headache for...
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