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(The SIR unit's name was MIR but then I found out that was already taken so I changed it to SMIRK)
Invader Nya: A nine tahun old defective Irken. She is a really young invader because the Almighty Tallest wanted to send someone to ruin Zim's plan. But, this didn't work and Nya is now Zim's minion. She acts insane most of the time, loves earth food, and has a insane crush on Zim. She's one of his crazy fangirls but she doesn't know Zim refers to her as a pshyco most of the time. XD Her weaknesses are Water, Her sensitive antennae, and Boredom which makes her go even lebih insane. Her cinta for Zim...
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Prolog: WHAT did anda say?

It all started when I heard the tallest were planning Impending Doom 2. Since I played a somewhat important role in ID1 I knew it wouldn't be long before they asked for my help. It was just the end of my shift when Red called me over. I already knew what was coming and he knew about the whole situation about ID1, he also knew that having all that stress again might kill me. anda see I basically planned the entire ID1 strategy and all that hard work, the months of planing, flushed down the drain after he decided to tampil up.

After Zim decided to tampil up. Thank Irk he was...
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On the first hari of school, I was nervous. I didn’t know what to expect about these kids. They say “OMG!!! “Way too often. So, how would they act now? I don’t know. : (
The bel, bell rang. I took my stuff and followed the stampede of junior high students.
I walked into the hallway. “Hey!” I heard someone behind me, it was Selena. “I cinta your new backpack!” she berkata “did anda get the new video game?” I think Selena is a little weird. “Yeah, I got the new game… how was your summer?” I changed the subject. “It was great! I went to Oregon.” “Bye-Bye.” I berkata quickly to...
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