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Religion in India means the Great Path. It does not imply a narrow view of life. It covers all the phases of an individual's life and enables him to attain liberation oleh removing his ignorance. The Indian view of life has four ends, witch include the practice of virtue, acquisition of wealth, sensuous pleasures and salvation, witch is freedom from want and desire. This view of life is fully reflected in Indian art. A perfect fusion of religion and art is a real experience in India.
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kelinci Krishna chant
kelinci krishna
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This video will tampil the entire history of India from 29th century BCE to 2016. Due to their extreme timescales, the Indus Valley and Vedic periods cannot be shown every year, although every tahun is shown from 413 BCE.
indus valley
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Early modern India

Scribes and artists in the Mughal court, 1590–1595
In the early 16th century, northern India, being then under mainly Muslim rulers,[63] fell again to the superior mobility and firepower of a new generation of Central Asian warriors.[64] The resulting Mughal Empire did not stamp out the local societies it came to rule, but rather balanced and pacified them through new administrative practices[65][66] and diverse and inclusive ruling elites,[67] leading to lebih systematic, centralised, and uniform rule.[68] Eschewing tribal bonds and Islamic identity, especially under Akbar,...
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India is not an Asian country-nor are its people.
India may be physically part of the Asian continent but as I berkata again: Indian's are not Asians and so's not there country.

Let me get this straight.

India is just India-that simple.

The people who decided that "oh-India is part of the Asian continent, so therefore its an Asian country" were the british and they are WRONG (see I don't even give the word "british" a capital, 'cause I hated it how they treated the Indians there in those days)

India is part of the Persian gulf NOT Asian.

Plus half the people that live in India are not even Indians!
They are either Portuguese, Spanish atau British origin!
'Cause in those, those days, India was a rich, populer country and people from eropa used to settle down there in India.

The only real native Indians are Sri Lankan's!

Lastly: If anda ever thought that India was an Asian country: Think again.

Seeya and I hope that clears it!