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posted by Sallytheragdoll
Once there was a labu king who mencuri christmas. this is after that story.

18 years later "Sally?"came the voice in Maria's , their daughter, room. "Yes dear?" came the voice from the kitchen. "Do anda know where my labu king outfit is?" Jack had been searching hari and night for that outfit since it was a week tell Halloween. "I saw it with Maria." He went to the play room where she was watching a horror movie although she was 11. She was studying the outfit to make herself an outfit for halloween since she only had the special one sally made out of the fabric that made Jack's regular outfit....
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posted by Sallytheragdoll
this is sallytheragdoll
here's a story i like from fan fiction.
It was cold in the lab as Dr. Finklestein studied his current specimen. A snail, injected with just a hint of zombie blood. Previously a dark brown colour the creature had turned bright blue all over, soon crawling around its jar at a speed unlike that expected for such a slow creature. "Very interesting," the scientist muttered, recording his observations in a black journal.
"Master," came a voice from behind him. "Master, there is a visitor here to see you."
He turned his wheelchair around to see Igor, his hunchbacked assistant....
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