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Momma Dino opened her eyes as the sunlight streamed in from outside the cave. Lifting her head, she yawned tampilkan her rows of teeth. She nudged her children awake with her snout and they got up groggily, yawning in unison. Using her flexible tail, she lowered them down to the ground. Before she could climb out of the cave herself, she suddenly remembered something. She looked back down at the still sleeping Ken. He was nestled beside the base of her tail and was snoring softly. Lowering her head, she started to nudge him awake. But that didn’t do any good. The boy was still sleeping. Momma...
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The night continued on in the clearing with the three tents.
The only sound was the gentle noise of the crickets.
That was all Momma Dino need. Very slowly she entered the clearing towards the tents. She was careful not to let footfalls make too much noise for it might awake the creatures. Momma had diberikan her hatchlings strict instructions not to follow her into the clearing. She knew they were curious and inquisitive about almost anything in the jungle. And that was unsafe right now, especially since Rudy survived the fall into the deep chasm and was now madder then ever. She had made it clear...
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this is funny i think
ice age3
really funny
ice age 3
Josiah was having his own problems at the moment inside the cave with the baryonyx.
The cave entrance had an unwelcome visitor. Josiah saw a long narrow albino snout and large red eyes darting left and right from one baryonyx to the next. He stared in disbelief as the dinosaur’s massive, battle-scarred head blotted out the suns light from cave entrance.
The albino baryonyx bared its teeth, tampilkan a missing one in front. Josiah squinted and he thought he saw a hole were the tooth was missing. ‘This must be Rudy,’ Josiah realized. He was much bigger and aggressive-looking then Josiah had...
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this song is amazing
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amazing songs
Ken walked down the busy hallway of the complex to waiting room 341.
He’d come to a tough decision for himself and for his sister and Josiah.
He was going to quit, Pure and simple. He’d had enough of time traveling and wanted to start summer school in July as soon as possible. His future was essential to him and he wanted to something to do other then time travel every summer. He sighed to himself and went into the room.

It was a circler room with a counter for group sign-ins and outs.
In one area there was a room for uniforms and gadgets. The clothes for exploring time were the same color...
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Black Night

This is a story about a group of friends Remy and Emille(Ratatouille),Pinky and Brain(Pinky and the Brain), Colleen(Pinky and the Brain), Buck, Crash and Eddie and Scratte (Sara) (Ice Age 3) who go on a trip to a
Remote kabin in the woods. Not knowing that something else is
Watching them. Something that feeds on their fear. This is my first horror book. Enjoy!!!

Chapter 1: Road trip:

A Jeep is driving down the road with a Cadillac following it. In the jeep are 4 friends (Pinky, Brain, Sara, and Buck). In the Cadillac are 5 friends (Remy, Emille, Colleen, Crash and Eddie). The friends...
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Josiah woke up with a sore neck and an aching back. For just a couple of incredibly sweet seconds, he didn’t remember where he was. He thought he was home, aman, brankas with his friends.
Then he remembered everything and the apprehension knotted up in his stomach all over again. He was separated from his friends; he was alone in a cave full of fish-eating baryonyx, and he didn’t know how he was going to escape.
‘The others will come for me’ he kept telling himself that over and over, as if thinking it were enough to make it true.
Looking around, he saw that most of the baryonyx within the cave...
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It took a detik atau two to adjust to the bright light emanating in front of the group but soon the three looked in wonder at what they where seeing.
What they saw was something nobody in the future could have seen a long time.
Right in front of them was a vast perfectly preserved Jurassic jungle. The very site of it made the groups eyes go wide with excitement.
In the distance they saw brachiosaurs and a herd of iguanodons in a meadow. With them were triceratops and stegosaur-like dinosaurus with pointed plates that looked like spikes.
In the skies were flying pterodactyls that swooped and cawed...
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After the herd’s introductions, Josiah and Shelly berkata their goodbyes and continued the hike to the holes location. Although Ellie volunteered to take the kids to their location, they berkata they could handle the walking and didn’t want to impose. But Ellie was stubborn and insisted that she get them there anyway. Manny told her not to go unaccompanied but Ellie just told him that she did not need anyone with her and that she’ll be back and not to worry. As soon as the her herd was out of site, Ellie knelt down to let Josiah and Shelly climb up on her back. At first, Josiah didn’t want...
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That night in the playground, Josiah and Shelly had pitched up their tents.
They had come to an agreement that tomorrow they would find the hole into the dinosaur world. That is if they could find, first.
Outside of their tents, the twinkling night was as silent as a star.
From inside his tent, Josiah sat up on his sleeping bag and traced the outline of the map to the hole in the ground. According to the map the hole was a half mile away from where they where now. “A little hike to this spot here and that world will soon be in our grasp.” Josiah berkata to himself as he held the flashlight up...
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Josiah and Shelly had packed what they needed for their trip to the ice age. Ken wasn’t coming. He had made that clear to the two of them. Shelly had tried in vain to convince him to come along with them but she knew her brother too well. He was too stubborn and talking to him was only wasting their time.
They made their way to the time ring room, making sure they had everything ready, and then activated their watches. The rings were golden and round with a glass barrier to protect the room from time energy that flowed from the rings. The time route was on and ready for them. This route was...
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Time is particular in its own way. And if time is wasted, it can not be regained. But if time is controlled, it can be a great passageway into the past atau into the future. One group of talented kids and teenagers have found a way to do both. They were called the time Watch Corporation kids. Using special jepang technology and the state of the art tools, the kids and several adults made the first two prototype time watches.
It took weeks and a bulan to build them but they had accomplished what no human has done before. They could travel back in time to the past and the future with just a twist...
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