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From youtube: Filming of one take of the Club scene of House 7x01, Thunder Roadtrip. If anda copy, PLEASE CREDIT ME, whatsuplisae.
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Hi guys, it's me :) how are anda doing? Sorry I have been away for so long, been busy at work. So, I was now just wondering what's the general mood like. I mean, a few of anda used to come along to read my fic, but are anda still waiting? the story isn't done yet, that's for sure but if anda are not going to read, cause anda all left the spot, well then IDK whether I should post more.

Let me know and however anda decide, Ijust so anda know, I loved this spot to the core, I loved my friends around here like sisters and I thank them all for all the laughs and wonderful mornings and nights they gave me...
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You thought I was pulling your leg, didn't you? ;)

Chapter 27 Part 2

She had literally fallen into silence.
Not a word during his recount.
Not an interruption.
Not a flinch.
She had just been listening to him, quietly; with such composure on her face that it had looked liked having been carved in marble at times.
But there had been moments as well, just moment when he was talking, in which he had believed to see something into her eyes; something he wasn’t quite sure he liked.
Or could stand.
Just like that night, everything about her made him feel uneasy.
She felt unreachable; with one those...
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Ok, here. Enjoy some more. Posting the last part tomorrow. Then they talk alright? Geez you're making me feel guilty about the filler chap :P But I cinta you, deeply cause you're just as crazy and madly in cinta with those two as I am <3 and anda keep reading, which is rewarding enough.

Robert hung to his own threshold slightly open-mouthed for a good couple of seconds.
He eventually got over the initial dismay and shut the door tight wondering all the same though why one hearth madness had set herself into chasing him halaman awal today. He must have pissed some ancient god…karma stuff…he didn’t...
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And ta-dà! Even part 2 :P Just thought it would be nice for anda taking a break between the two. Hope doesn't sound tiresome...boy I cinta Robert :P

Hugh wounded his stare down then and hugged the back of his chair. He passed his tongue over his lips, nodding a little “I....I wanted to talk to anda about this...”
Robert strained his ear and stretched out over the table, making himself closer.
Hugh started to drum with his palm on the back of the chair, without looking at him in the eyes “There’s...there’s a good fifty per cent chance...”
He paused and coughed a little nervous laugh,...
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anda can't believe your eyes, can you? ;)



Lisa sighed and went to lift up the cordless.
On the other side, Hugh slid the kemeja over his head, quickly.
If she didn’t answer this time, he didn’t know what was left…making an ambush at her house?
Michael leaned backwards on his elbows “You know, anda might as well just tell him that it’s over and anda don’t feel like going anymore….plain and simple” he berkata casually.
Lisa whirled round, holding the phone a little away from her face as she covered...
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selanjutnya one. Listen up guys, if you're membaca here, just let me know. Cause I have others who read it too, like just privately, but if noone is interested on this spot anymore...I mean just say it ok? I won't get offended :) So review if anda wish to see how this goes on.


Previously on December/December:

A bunch of detik later he was making it as fast as he could through the parking lot. He jumped on his bike, ketopong, helm in his hands already. He paused for a moment, thinking, licking his lips.
He tried one last time.
Still busy.
“Damn it...”
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