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Maybe it will be like Omar says :?
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Ok, be patient guys. I'll be getting my degree on Friday. I can't revise it all together. Takes me time. But here's another snippet. I know....I'm exhasperating for some of you, but I like to explain stuff and well, I have fun with some other characters just as much as with H&L. Take it as a transitory chapter....preparing the ground :) I'll post lebih tonight alright? Just try to enjoy it, if anda like it. Moving the story forward.... BTW they'll be shooting 3 am sharp. Now, it's 7.30 pm....does that make anda feel better? How many chapters do anda think I can write within 7 hours? No. Don't...
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I'm back ;) Missed me? Ok, I wrote it all till the fight. This is it, I can't believe it myself....just need to reread some stuff but we got there, finally :P Enjoy the storm, and well, anda know I like taking my time, already....hope anda still like this.


Previously on December/December

[/i]She stared back at him for a long moment, blankly, wondering how was even possible feeling so utterly wrecked, worn-out, unbelievably angry at someone - literally stung oleh a pang of buried anger - and yet finding oneself completely...
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posted by HuddyBea
Oh dear...a month?! I'm awfully sorry XD I didn't realize. Sorry, been always busy with school and then on vacation :P But on a bright note I have 4 chaps in a row ready for you. Hope anda like this one. It's getting messy....but things have to get worse before getting better :P as Lisa said. I promise it wont' end as House did tho ;) Keep the faith. It's gonna be explosive (well, I hope....did my best)

Diclaimer (I think it's aman, brankas to put it every ones in a while): I know nothing about their life, Hugh atau Lisa atau whoever, this is just a crazy cinta story one would wish it was true. Hope Hugh and...
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Little recup in case anda read this further on :)

“How long do anda think she’ll keep waiting for you?” he prompted him, leaning on one hand to push himself up right.
“If she is…” Hugh said.
Some part of him couldn’t still believe she was. atau maybe as Stephen had said, he was just afraid to find out. It was much lebih comforting believing they kept sharing something special that they had had and lost - but that nevertheless would always be there somehow - rather than finding out that what they shared wasn’t so special at all. Not anymore.
Stephen grabbed his walking stick, tapping...
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posted by huddycat69
Thanks for your comments, here's the last part.

-I … I must admit that you’re right, Lisa sighs sadly. But Robert has filed for divorce because he loves me, he asks me to marry him last week, and I…

Hugh’s world collapses suddenly. His « enemy » asked her to marry him, and she probably berkata YES because he hadn’t told her that he loves her for seven years now, thinks Hugh heartbroken.

Hugh looks so stunned, so hurt, Lisa doesn’t know what to do. She loves the man since the first time they met, but she never thought atau dared to dream that he would divorce one hari ! That ‘s so insane...
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posted by huddycat69
The Christmas-hiatus was very long. Hugh went back to England to celebrate natal with his children, however it was a little weird to be « alone » with the kids. He and Jo have already filed for divorce and the divorce should be pronounced in a few weeks.
Now, he’s back in L.A. and all he can think about is … Lisa. Why hasn’t she waited still a few months ! Why did she meet and tanggal Robert right now ? He’ll be free in a few weeks ! Free to tell her how much he loves her, how many times he dreamt he was making cinta with her, ciuman her …« Com’on, boy, nothing is lost, anda still...
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Through Time and Space

Somewhere in time there's a boy who's not afraid to cry
Somewhere in space, a girl awaits to dry his eyes
Somehow they're drawn together oleh love's great gravity
Somewhere between time and space
Is where my cinta will be

The Past

‘O, James dear, would anda please ask Mr. Wemmington where the bunga are? They should have been brought here early this morning and have still not arrived. If I had the time I would api the person who arranges the flowers, but anda know how terribly busy I’ve been with the organization of your 25th birthday ball…’, queen Patricia told her youngest...
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posted by HuddyBea
Hi guys, sorry this took me a while. I have been pretty busy. Here anda go with part 2. I know it's not that long. Forgive me. I'll post lebih this week. Thanks to Belle for reviewing this. The detik part I am posting without her ok, so....I just hope anda like it and that I didn't screw this up.

6 January 2010

Lisa looked herself up and down in the mirror and tied up the folds on her black dress looking for imperfections. She turned over, checking the cleavage on her back….did that hairstyle work on her? Maybe she needed to tie them up high differently. She gave that a few tries, but was back...
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posted by Belle0308
hey there fellow Huli's! I have debated about posting this first chapter because I had thought about having it completely finished before I published any of it. I don't have it finished and it may take a while. In any case, I hope anda enjoy the first chapter and please let me know wat anda think. The rubah, fox Upfront pictures inspired this.

It had started with a phone call…
“Hi there, what are anda doing?” his voice sounded far lebih relaxed than usual.
“Oh…just getting dressed for this thing tonight. What about you?” she was fussing with her hair at the same time.
“Umm…did anda just say...
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posted by douglas80
((Here´s next...a little sugar for u guys! Thanx for the komentar and reviews....LOVE U ALL!!! p.s.-if anda don´t like smut, don´t read! XD
Hope anda like it anyways....enjoy))

Hugh watched her going back into the House. He smirked lightly and was sure that this would be a fun game. But at the same time he was very unsure about his selanjutnya move. “What if she doesn´t want him to flirt with her? What if she felt bothered oleh him atau his actions? What if? Oooh Man!”, he thought oleh himself as he saw Lisa coming back to the patio only wearing a very short bikini.
L: It´s damn hot today, isn´t it?...
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posted by douglas80
((This one is a little short, but the selanjutnya will be longer...enjoy, read and review...XD))

She kicked him out a few days ago. Well, not really kicked him out in a bad way. But she wasn´t already in the mood to talk about his idea of Stephen as her sperm donor. She felt weird and sad. And now she was sitting alone again with her thoughts in front of her dressing table, starring at herself into the mirror as a silent teardrop stroked her cheek.


Meanwhile Hugh got 2 days off. Spending time with Jo.
J: Good Morning. I made anda beans and sausages. teh atau coffee?...
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Hello there guys... I know, I know... it's been 2 months!
Well, I told anda I'm gonna write another fanfic, haven't I?
I just didn't think it would take 2 months for me to sit and start writing.
Oh, anyway, this is a promo for my new FF,
I'm gonna start posting it tomorrow :)

It's a HULI one of course ;)
oh, and anda wonder what's it called?


He couldn't believe it was happening


How had he let that happen?


He was the one to ask for the it and...
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posted by douglas80
((Ok guys here´s selanjutnya chappy, read, review and enjoy....luv ya :-))

It was too late now for sleeping again, but still too early to go to work. Lisa decided to take a shower. For a moment she forgot about her visitor down in the kitchen. She hoped that he would really forget about their conversation yesterday and wouldn´t try to mention it again.

Hugh sat still at the dining meja in Lisa´s kitchen. “Better so.”, he thought. But there was something in between him that didn´t want to end up right here and now. “Let it be.”, his mind was running, “You´re married. You´ve got three...
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posted by LisaLover
I know that sebelumnya chapter was quite boring, so I'm giving anda a new one, I think lebih interesting this time :)I really enjoyed menulis this. I hope anda will like it :D Please R&R

Hugh parked and they both stepped out of car. They went to a caff and after taking a sit, they ordered a breakfast and coffees. While they were sitting almost in complete silence, Hugh heard some excited voices coming from the other side of the room. When he turned his head, he saw a group of young people looking at them and he heard his name. He smiled discreetly when he heard Lisa’s name too. After a while,...
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