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Legacy Games has just diposting a free House, M.D. flash game (with NBC approval) for fans. It's online here: link.

Here's the official description: help the surly Dr. House break through his mental block. How do anda do this? Well, oleh using the paddle to careful break up light bulbs and hit on good ideas. It's tough! Sort of like playing House's brain...which does make me curious about the rest of the game.
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Found this daftar somewhere awhile yang lalu and I had diposting it on my Facebook. I thought I'd share it here. :-]

100: Being a complete jerk to people all the time will make them like you, and sometimes, they will also fall in cinta with you.

99: Vicodin will cure all wounds.

98: It's NEVER Lupus.

97: anda should know all about your sperm donors before utilizing their sperm. anda don't want your kid to be beaten up, after all.

96: Get a good alarm system and guard dog if you're going to be admitted into a certain Doctor House's care.

95: If you're a nurse and looking for spicing up your sex life, get a...
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A/N: Not for the squeamish!! This chapter details House's injuries, in a clinical sort of way, but it's still quite shocking and disturbing...consider yourselves warned! :P

Chapter 5

Wilson hurried into the room, closing the door carefully behind him before moving swiftly around the gurney to face his friend. Though House was moaning and writhing on the narrow bed, as if desperately struggling to escape some unseen foe, his eyes were closed, and he might have appeared to be asleep and battling a nightmare, had Wilson not known better.

This was a textbook PTSD flashback.

"No...please!" House fairly...
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The 6th season of FOX's House turned out to be one of my favorit as it not only carried on the strength of its medical storylines, characters, and House wittiness, but also brought on the surprises and twists which is rare to find this far into a series! So, as we await House's return this fall, I'm taking a look back at my favorit episodes of a very solid 6th season.

Episode 1 - Broken
I was nervous after the Season 5 finale showed Dr. House committing himself to the psychiatric hospital as it seemed that might just be the tampil officially jumping the hiu into lost cause TV land. But in...
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Credit: House M.D. on YouTube.
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Credit: House M.D. on YouTube.
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