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posted by HugeEgoSorry
House was having his daily session with another patient. Both of them were seated in front of the doctor and a counselor that will listen to their story of what is life to them now. They were allowed to tell anything they wanted and this what House hated the most. Opening up for him is a waste of time but since he’s a patient now, he has to abide oleh the rules set oleh his doctors. Pitt would often see him rolled his eyes whenever the other patient started crying because of the horrible memories that would drop oleh and bring tears.
Emma: I can’t have them… My children… It’s all I have but I can’t have them…
House: <to Emma and being arrogant> Yah… but saying “I can’t have them” again and again won’t bring them back…
Pitt: House…
House looked down and Emma continues to sob and tell her story before falling to a heavy cry. The counselor pulled her up and went out of the room with her leaving House and Pitt alone in the room.
Pitt: So, what’s your story? Do anda want to be the man with the jawaban atau do anda want to be the man with Cuddy?
House looked up to him. Pitt was smiling but he was horrified. Suddenly, he remembered his hallucination and he end up hiding it.
House: <whispery> Wilson?
Pitt: What?
House: <Shaking his head> Nothing…
Pitt: Gregory, is everything alright?
House: <stammered> Yes…
House gave a sighed as Pitt closed his file and leaned lebih to the table.
Pitt: I already told you… I can’t help anda if anda are hiding something from me…
House tried to look away oleh looking outside but when Pitt called his name, he looked straight to his doctor’s eyes.
House: I called her Lisa…
Pitt gave a sighed and leaned back on his chair while playing with its rotation and his pen.
Pitt: It seems to me that your problem isn’t psychological anymore… It’s lebih like… emotional…
House tried to scoff as Pitt stood up and pour bourbon into two empty shot glasses. He took the first and gave House the second. His patient looked at him as if questioning his actions.
House: I’m psychotic and anda want me to selai in with you?
Pitt: <Took a sip and smiled> Haven’t I told anda your problem isn’t psychological?
House: Oh…
They let their shot glasses click in the air before drinking some.
Pitt: Your problem… <pour another bourbon to their glasses> can’t be cured oleh marijuana, coma, atau codin… This bourbon might oleh the way…
Both gentlemen laughed at the thought of how bourbon can make one admit his feelings.
Pitt: So <sat down at the edge of the sofa> tell me about this woman… <House scoffed> What made anda like her? What made her a light in the midst of a stormy weather?
House: <scoffed> You’re not being ridiculous are you?
Pitt: <chuckled> No. ----- When did this started?
House placed his bourbon on the meja tulis, meja and leaned back on the chair as Pitt looked at him. He looked away as he started his litany of emotion.
House: I don’t know. ----- If I knew when, I should have wrote it down. ------ It just came along… out of nowhere… I don’t even know if it hid under the sheets for years…
Pitt: <sighed> What’s with her?
House: Many things…
Pitt: <smiled> You’re blushing…
House looked at him and seemed pretty obvious that he blushed.
House: No I’m not…
House looked away and took a sip at his bourbon. Pitt took a sip too and smiled the moment he placed back his shot glass beside him.
Pitt: Wilson’s right. ---- You’re scared that Lisa is really is the only one. If it doesn’t work with her, maybe there’s no one else out there… But House, just cut this crap --- Go find your girl and try…
House looked at Pitt and sighed before taking another sip.

An jam later, House found himself seated with Daniel and some recovery patients in the cafeteria.
Daniel: <holding a tuna sandwich> They didn’t stuff this with pickles…
Jo: If I know what anda mean Daniel!
Jo, Urhman and Bolt laughed hard enough for everyone in the room to hear. Daniel and House continued eating.
Urhman: Those doctors <took a bite from his tuna> thought my hyper drive was gone after they put me into coma!
Bolt: <Laughing> Really? They didn’t know that you’ll be screwing twice the women anda did the last time anda were out!
The three laughed again. Wilson and Cuddy apparently entered the cafeteria and they stood for awhile in the doorway as if looking for someone. House didn’t notice since his back was the one facing them. Urhman saw the two and look at Cuddy with lust in his eyes.
Urhman: Oh boy, I think I found the first one I’m going to lay down tonight.
Jo and Bolt looked at Cuddy’s way too.
Bolt: Yah… Looks pretty good too!
Jo: anda think she’ll allow anda do her?
Urhman: Hey, no one runs away from Urhman Stocks just like that.
Intrigued oleh who’s Urhman referring to, Daniel looked at Cuddy’s way too and raised his eyebrows the moment he saw her. He looked at House who was too busy eating to deal with the three.
Daniel: Girl’s here… With Wilson…
House looked at him and slowly bit his food. Urhman, Jo and Bolt happened to hear it and looked at House with stunned faces. They weren’t scared it was actually lebih of an insult. He gave a quick glance at Wilson and Cuddy but didn’t mind to walk towards them before facing Daniel again. Urhman looked at his close friends and smirk.
Urhman: He doesn’t mind. ---- But I think that man with his girl does… <Urhman’s referring to Wilson>
Jo: Yah, he seemed into her…
Bolt: Think they slept together?
Jo: Possibly atau best, they really did!
The three burst into their huge laughter. Daniel looked at House who was hiding his temper.
Daniel: You’re letting them insult Lisa like that?
Bolt: Lisa? That’s her name?
Urhman: 50 bucks says I’ll be moaning her name tonight in my cell! With whip cream and cherries on top!
The three laughed again while House was already making a fist with hand on the table.
Daniel: <to the three jerks> stop it!
Bolt: Oh, so anda hate it this time? That’s good since its better with only a threesome around!
The three laughed again. House was heavily breathing and his fist was already ready to attack and wreck faces. He closed his eyes, opened it again and stood up and held Urhman’s arm tightly. Daniel, Jo and Bolt were looking at him. Cuddy and Wilson saw this and were stunned like the three and the rest of the patients in the room.
Urhman: Get your hands off me.
Jo tried to attack House but he managed to get a softdrink bottle. He broke it in two, letting the bottom part drop in pieces on the floor as he held the other half. He pointed the broken bottle to Jo and held Urhman with the other hand and looked at Bolt.
Bolt: Oh, I’m not part of it, House…
House: <Looking furiously at Urhman> Don’t… dare… step… on my… turf
Cuddy: <whispery> House… ---- Wilson….
Wilson nodded and began to walk with Cuddy towards House. The moment they reach him, she held his chest as if telling him to stop.
Cuddy: C’mon… Let’s get anda out of here…
House dropped the bottle and Urhman. Cuddy held his arm and began to guide him out of the room but he and the three were exchanging fierce glances. Wilson and Daniel followed the two on their way out.
posted by huddy_aimee
i have been studying for my up coming biology, algebra and PE theory tests...*sighs* so this fic (in my opinion) isn't very good...i have worked out i am like 20 hours sleep deprived... *yawns* so yeah...i diposting some fan art to go with these chappies in the fanart part of the huddy spot so look and review and same with this, review and rate!!! xxx

The remaining days passed as fast as they had come. The pack was slow and daunting because both knew that what had happened on that yacht would never be mentioned again.
Greg continued eyeing up Lisa, dressed in knee length jeans with layered...
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posted by huddy_aimee
Ok's part 11...the last chap was a bit...obvious...almost...i dunno what to call it...anyways...there was guna be smut [XD] but last time i did that it got removed...hehe so im thinking of putting it on LJ atau read and review like always...RATE TOO!!! Oh, sorry if House seems a bit 'nice' I explained it in the last chapter-he enjoys being out on the water and alone with cuddy. Dont worry he will become his arrogant self when they return, I cant gurantee that...XD

Cuddy woke first, the morning after their little 'escapade'. She rolled on what she thought was bed, but was...
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posted by Motherhubbard77
I just have to say, and I will be publishing this artikel on 4 fansites today, but did last night's lineup, not totally rock?? I mean I couldn't believe how much went on, House was amazing, heroes could not have been better, Chuck was once again kinda heartbreaking, and How I Met Your Mother was just the perfect comedy all over again. I cinta MONDAYS!! lol!

First up this House, was amazing, the case was interesting and Cuddy/House with the patient was hilarious. What a way to get a compliment, lol!! Wilson story was so sad, and when House figured out he might be losing him, awww, once again teary...
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posted by peoplesuck
Hey, sorry it took so long. I had some schoolwork to complete. For those of anda who have been wondering this story will eventually be Huddy, but not for a while. But I promise it will happen. As always please komentar =)

Words could not describe how much clinic duty pissed Sarah off. She couldn’t imagine how it was possible to gather so many idiots in the same place yet everyday it happened. Just one intelligent atau non-annoying clinic patient would be a freaking miracle. Oh well, it was over with for today. Maybe she would get a case. She had just finished her last three this morning. Normally...
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When she woke up the selanjutnya morning and looked at the clock, she cursed herself as she was late for the first time ever. In her anger she had kicked Lyle out and told him never to come back, although she regretted it. House, on the other hand, well, she didn’t know what to say to him. She let him cool off thinking it’ll be best to talk to him at work, and try and salvage what could have been a relationship worth having.

Cuddy walked into the hospital, all eyes on her, looking quite shocked what with her being late and all. They all thought something major had happened and didn’t know what...
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This is from the series but i put the song into this to make it better but as anda know i think it does but enjoy and no bad ratings atau komentar please.
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posted by Irene3691
One hari they are in their residence. Lisa spends the whole hari enclosed in her room studying. Of course he spends that time doing anything else but study.
Dinner time comes and she prepares a salad, then goes to his dorm and knocks the door. ‘Are anda gonna eat something?’
‘Small children.’
She rolls her eyes. ‘If anda want some salad there’s lebih in the kitchen.’
‘Hmm salad, rabbit's food, yummy!!’
She goes back to the dapur and he follows her and starts preparing a huge sandwich with what he finds in the fridge. Cuddy looks at him with a disgusted face, then he bends to pick...
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posted by Irene3691
Lisa Cuddy came to Michigan a few days yang lalu and today it’s her first hari of collage at the universitas of Michigan. She’s very excited about it. It’s the first time she’s going away from her family and friends for such a long time, but Lisa it's completely convinced about what she wants to do with her future, and she wants to become a great doctor.
Now let’s talk about Greg House. Who doesn’t know him at university? With just twentysomething years old, he is one of the promises of the campus. He has a brilliant mind and a particular acidic sense of humor. Although there are people...
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posted by Irene3691
They spend the night sleeping alone for the first time in the last weeks.
In the morning House, without rush, takes a shower, gets dressed and gets to the hospital at nine o’clock. First stop, of course, the cafeteria, where Cuddy runs into him.
‘Here anda are! Where did anda leave your sense of punctuality?’
‘I think I was born without it...’ Says House looking around.
‘I've been looking for anda almost an hour, I have something for you.’
‘If it's a wedding ring I'm sorry... I won't renounce my single state.’
She rolls her eyes and gives him a file. ‘I've a case for you.’
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This is an All My Children and House crossover fan fiction I do not own All My Children it belongs to ABC and House belongs to FOX. Also AMC fan in this story David does not know about his child with Amanda. House fan Cuddy is not with Lucas and doesn’t have Rachel. Sorry if this disappoints anyone I hope anda will still read and enjoy the story. Reviews are love. Enjoy!

All My Doctors

Chapter 1: New Head of Cardiology

Dr. Lisa Cuddy sat in her office at eight o’clock Monday morning quietly reviewing over some notes and other paperwork. She was very anxious about seeing her newest employee...
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posted by rosehustle1
"Well, this place is a real dive." Ariel stated as she sat down at the booth.
"One of the best dives in Princeton." He berkata as he sat across from her and lay his cane against the table.
She opened up a menu and began to scan for something to order. House merely watched her for a moment. He already knew what he was gonna get. The same thing he always gets when he comes here; chicken souvlaki platter, a beer, and bakalava for dessert.
"So, those test results anda were picking up..."
She looked up at him with a challenge in her eyes.
"Am I gonna need to double bag it tonight?" He asked with his...
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posted by huddy_aimee
A/N again i felt in the mood to keep writing... :) so here's part, review and rate!!!

The weekend was uneventful for Lisa Cuddy who was in mourning. She had lost something - someone - great and she didn't want what they had shared together to end.
Greg House, on the other hand, thought about this puzzle. He wanted to be with Lisa but he needed to find away around the board. His first option was marriage but he wasn't ready to be committed like that and he was sure Lisa wasn't, the detik option was to not have a relationship at all and the third option was to have a secret relationship....
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posted by huddy_aimee
my update are going to be alot slower from now on because I have run out of chapters to post and because I want to leave anda guys hanging with this ending for a while... :) aren't I mean??? Any ways read and not sure this is the best chappy I've written...but yeah...Oh and to those people who have been rating me four stars could anda give me some ideas on how I could make that five stars??? :P

House woke up the selanjutnya morning to a very girly snore selanjutnya him and a rock of the boat. House had used his naviagtion and chart membaca skills to bring the yacht into a small, isolated inlet....
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This is just a fanfic I’ve been creating in my mind months yang lalu so... It will turn into huddy eventually.
A brunette 14-year old was lying in the hospital bed. She was studying the room and the people that passed by, she studied their thoughts. She wasn’t scared, she didn’t fear been sick. She preferred being at the hospital tempat tidur than in the convent.
Why would she be in a convent? She’s an orphan and she’s not miserable but she isn’t happy either. She’s quite a character.
She noticed a dye-blonde girl enter the room.
House’s pathetic. Why did he do that? And he doesn’t care for...
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posted by sarahuddy
lost WORD- happy kiss

My name is Sara and I’m not English, so sorry if anda don’t understand …. : D
WELL like every one I´M ADDICTED TO HOUSE… AND FINNALY I DECIDE TO WROTHE A MINI ARTICLE… I must say that I cinta your articles.

Cuddy was in her office´s doing paperwork, she was boring. KNOCK KNOCK…
Cuddy: COME IN!!!! She berkata not looking to the door
House: HI!!!
C: why did anda knock!?!?!? anda never knock!!! She berkata surprise with his attitude.
H: well!! My MOMMY LISA told me that we need to knock the door before enter in a room! :D He berkata with a childish tone
Cuddy laughs at him…
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posted by peoplesuck
Here are the selanjutnya two pages of the prologue. As always, please review. =)

Cuddy sat at the plaintiffs meja twirling a black hair-band between her fingers, the anxiety threatening to overtake her again. For the past two weeks she had been on the verge of snapping. She had not gotten lebih than two hours of sleep a night and those two hours were filled with terrifying repetitions of what had happened to her. When she was awake she had to battle the flashbacks and anxiety. She had cleaned her house several times and organized all of her things. She had delved into her work as usual, but nothing...
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