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posted by EllaBlack
So I wrote a poem that alludes to many of my favorit horror film and books...I wanna see how many anda can catch and daftar below in a comment. anda can also say how anda like it if ya want.

Freddy and Jason,
Dracula himself,
I'd marry them all,
Buy a one way ticket to hell.
Michael Myers visits me in my dreams,
With Pamela Voorhees on his arm,
The scream queens keep on screaming,
The zombies just smart enough to inflict some harm.
The Blair Witch kills from behind her trees,
While The serigala stalks the campus in town,
The seven deadly sins open the box,
While the Relic coincidentally busts out.
Voodoo makes...
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I recently heard about a tampil called Harpers Island on CBS. The premiere episode aired on April 9th at 10p.m. I didn’t think much of it. A couple of weeks yang lalu I saw some gambar from the tampil on the link, but didn’t know what it was about atau if I wanted to take the time to find out. I happened to see a promo for the tampil a couple days before it aired and decided to give it a try. Alas I forgot and didn’t get to see it the night it aired. Out of curiosity I went to the link Website and looked the tampil up. I ended up watching the tampil and loving it. If anda are anything like me anda have never...
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 Contestant number 1; FREDDY KRUEGER!
Contestant number 1; FREDDY KRUEGER!
The match starts and Jason jumps right on to Freddy and hits him repeatedly, Micheal grabs Jason and pushes him to a brick dinding stabbing him in the process. Blood sprays the room and paints Micheal's mask red, Micheal hits Freddy round the face and knees him in the groin; Freddy stumbles to the floor clenching his bollocks. Jason suddenly gets up and leaps on to Micheal's back, Jason beheads Micheal sending his head, his mask and a flood of blood everywhere; Jason's costume is now completely red. While Jason's not looking Freddy leaps up behind Jason and sticks his knivey hand through Jason's chest, selanjutnya Freddy pulls out Jason's intestines and paints the whole room red then as a finisher beheads him and keeps his masked head as a trophy. THE END.
 Contestant number 2; JASON VOORHEES!
Contestant number 2; JASON VOORHEES!
 And last but not least Contestant number 3 MICHEAL MYERS!
And last but not least Contestant number 3 MICHEAL MYERS!