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posted by xpinkrulesx
Charlie and Brax are so made for each other,there so cute and sexy togheter!!I cinta them so much!
It's sexy kepping it a secret but what if it goes wrong,what if for example they start ciuman in charlie's house and leah atau ruby atau casey and ruby walk in oleh accident maybe they will be happy for Charlie and Brax atau annoyed because Charlie is a cop and Brax is a bad boy and he's a river boy.Me personally i think it's sexy not telling anybody but i think it's time to say something maybe just to ruby and casey and maybe leah for the moment than it will be out in the open and they can live happely ever after but that depends how people react to this!!!
I would like to know what anda think?
I cinta seing them togheter but i think it's time to tell the most important people!
posted by laurawoods
Is it me atau do anda guys want Jack and Martha to get back together ?? ... I no Sam and Jack are married now but Jack and Martha still cinta each other and they shud be the ones being married again !! ... Sams a nice person dont get me wrong but Jack deserves to be with Martha n Martha deserves to be with Jack coz der both made for each other !! ... Its really annoyin though as there both tryna keep out of each othas way and hide there feelings for one another and i think that is totally pointless !! they shud just giv in to there feelings n not hold back anymore !! ... soo anywayz .. do anda think Jack and Martha should get back together ??