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Danny Tennant

Danny Tennant will make his first appearance on HOLLYOAKS tonight as new character Natty.

Natty will befriend bad boy, Ste Hay, after breaking up a fight between him and Josh during an ante-natal class. The two lads will strike up a close friendship as Natty offers Ste saran about sorting his life out.

We met up with Danny Tennant, who anda might recognise as Ali Marsden from Emmerdale, to find out about new boy Natty. Danny told us: "Natty's very calculated, he's a nice guy but there's definitely something dark to him and a bit sinister which anda might find out about later
Sarah Jayne Dunn who played Mandy Richardson for 10 years in Hollyoaks stars in this short British comedy horror.
sarah jayne dunn
mandy richardson
comedy horror
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Hannah (Emma Rigby) has a tough time selanjutnya week when Suzanne (Suzanne Hall) finds a stash of food in her bedroom drawer!

As the Ashworths begin to despair that Hannah is suffering a relapse, a desperate Hannah begins to look suspiciously at everyone to a bid to determine who could have framed her...

She's in for another shock later in the week when she sits down to have a heart-to-heart with Justin (Chris Fountain). Confessing to her problems at home, Hannah can't believe her ears when Justin decides that there's something from his past that he'd like to get off his chest too...

Tune into Hollyoaks to find what's in store for Justin and Hannah
We can exclusively reveal that Gemma Bissix is set to return to HOLLYOAKS as twisted and conniving Clare Devine!

Just as the summer heat begins to rise over HOLLYOAKS Clare is back with a vengeance, her grudge against Warren (Jamie Lomas) and Justin, (Chris Fountain) too much for her to bear.

Never ones to be done over, will Warren and Justin find that someone finally has the upper hand over them? Will Clare's revenge plot have fatal consequences?

Gemma will return to jeruk nipis, kapur Pictures to begin filming selanjutnya week and we can't wait to have her back and see Clare back on screen. We'll be catching up with the Gemma to bring anda all the exclusive details of her return – don't miss it!
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From the menit Sasha (Nathalie Emmanuel) realised her feelings for resident bad boy Warren rubah, fox (Jamie Lomas), she's wasted no time trying to get her claws into him!

She's spent the last couple of weeks trying to impress Warren oleh looking after his foster brother Spencer, and her efforts seem to have made the difference when she finally gets the ciuman she's waited for selanjutnya week.

So does Warren reciprocate Sasha's feelings? And what will protective big brother Calvin has to say about their kiss? Tune into HOLLYOAKS selanjutnya week to find out.
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