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BeB posted on Jul 04, 2011 at 01:08AM
Okay now heres what you have to do, either make a video, aka a AMV (Anime Music Video), or make a Fanfic, aka a short story- but if its like a few chapters thats fine, just have it done by the due date, or finally you can make a pic or cosplay. But the topic for all of the above is USUK, as in about America and England, but in Fourth of July, so around Americas birthday, because we all know how awkward it is for these two around that day ;D lol ya.

Which reminds me, it doesn't have to be slash. It can be a bffs thing, a father-son moment, a brotherly moment, or anything, but it has to be about THEM. And it can be a comedy, tragedy, horror, romance, adventure, ect... but it has to be complete and about them during the 4th of July.

It can be Hetalia UsUk, Nyotalia UsUk, Nekotalia UsUk, Gauken Hetalia UsUk, Mochitalia (yes mochi) UsUk, Chibitalia UsUk; and by Chibitalia UsUk you can take it as such

Adult AlfredxYoung Arthur
Adult ArthurxYoung Alfred
Young AlfredxYoung Arthur

so Shota really. But either one or BOTH have to be young, and again it can be Nyo or Het, so that covers basically everything. You can do this kind of universal slashing too, here are some examples:

Nyo!Adult AmerikoxHet!Young Arthur

Mochi!AmericaxGauken Het! Arthur

Neko! AmericaxHet! Adult Arthur

So yeah you can mix 'em up or whatever, just so you have some idea on this, and once the deadline comes I will put each entry on a poll and you all vote for what you think should win in each catagory, and the winner will get props and we'll think of better prizes later, okay!

So you all have till July 15th, if you have any questions just post them below! :) Good luck guys!!!
 Okay now heres what anda have to do, either make a video, aka a AMV (Anime musik Video), atau make a fan

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