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 Hogwarts... Logo?
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Neville Longbottom:

- Neville inherited his father's wand when he was 11.
- After the Battle of Hogwarts he briefly worked as an Auror. Later he became Professor of Herbology at Hogwarts.
- He kept his D.A. coin as a badge of honor.
- He married a former D.A. member, Hannah Abbott, and they life together at the Leaky Cauldron, where Hannah is the landlady.
- In the originl drafts of Harry Potter Neville was supposed to have blond hair and his last name was 'Pupp'.

Luna Lovegood:
- After the detik Wizarding War Luna came to realize the tuth of her father's treachery and she accepted that some creatures,...
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So Rowling never really discussed why Bellatrix is so obsessed with Voldemort. And I constantly ponder upon how anyone could find that no-nosed snake-man-boy attractive in any way. With that berkata I wanted to post a few of my theories as well as some of the interesting ones I've seen across the net. Once again, as stated, these are just theories and speculations. No more, no less.

First and foremost I think it's a pretty aman, brankas bet to say that she loves him atau at least started to cinta him based on the fact that they share similar ideologies. Both loved the idea of pure-blood supremacy. A lot of...
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