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When people tell me that James “grew out of bullying”, I always respond with the canonically sound FACTS that James Potter was 21 when he died, 20 when Harry was born and *19* when Harry was conceived. He had *no time* to change out of his bullying bullshit personality towards Severus. Just take a look around anda and see if anda can name half a dozen of your under-21 male friends/acquaintances who anda think would make such an awesome hubby and father right now (oh, and don’t discount the bullies anda know who pick on people “just because they exist”). And when we keep telling anda that...
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Chapter 3
A New School Year

    Ginny could not believe what her father just said. She stood there for a long time before anyone spoke.

Ginny: No... it can't be...Snape? she falls on the sofa

Mr Weasley: I'm so sorry dear.

Ginny [angrliy]: But he killed Dumbledore!

Mr Weasley: I know, I'm just as disgusted as anda are.

Miss Weasley: This is outragous! No, I have had enough! we are going to my Aunt's house first thing-

Mr. Weasley: Molly! anda know Ginny has to go back! if she doesn't, who knows what will happen to us! She's just going to have to deal with it.

Ginny: He betrayed...
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 Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley
Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley
I just want to state right away that J. K. Rowling is in no way sexist. This is about the fan and again, not all of them.

Ginerva Molly Weasley. The cinta of Harry Potter's life, the mother of his children. Headstrong, smart, cunning, quick-thinking, and fierce. The hero to many girls, young and old, and the object of affection to many boys out there as well.

Hermione Jane Granger. The cinta of Ron Weasley's life, the mother of his children. Also headstrong, smart, cunning, quick-thinking, and just as fierce, if only in a slightly different way. Hermione is possibly the most well-known of the...
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At my uni we've been studying the way gender and sexism shapes the education curriculum.

This was an artikel we were actually diberikan to read and debat about in a seminar:

"Harry Potter's girl trouble
The world of everyone's favorit kid wizard is a place where boys come first.
By Christine Schoefer


Four factors made me go out and buy the Harry Potter books: Their impressive lead on the bestseller lists, parents' raves about Harry Potter's magical ability to turn kids into passionate readers, my daughters' clamoring and the mile-long waiting lists at the public library. Once I opened "The Sorcerer's...
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