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This harry potter vs twilight fan art contains anime, komik, manga, and kartun.

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I would like to start oleh quoting Susanna Laitala, who wrote a review of Breaking Dawn for a Finnish newspaper: "... oleh Stephenie Meyer, who, in my opinion, is a very talented writer." I disagree: I do not think Meyer could write even a decent children's book, with a plot culminating in a giraffe finding his lost scarf. She would probably decide that the giraffe is suddenly carnivore who has green stripes instead of brown spots - she has already done so to the beloved villains of literature, vampires. Meyer's vampire are in fact 'vegetarian': they drink only animal blood. In addition, they...
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Okay, firstly, I’ve no intention of hurting the Twilight fan here. I’m just a fiercely opinionated person, and some of the things I say might end up sounding rude. So please keep in mind that I really don’t mean anything rude that I might say in the article. Read on :)

Many people say that Twilight is well written. When I ask the berkata people why they think so, most of them invariably refer to the “big words” in Twilight.
Now, if using big words makes a book good, an ape with a thesaurus can write a completely fabulous novel. Sadly, this isn’t the case: the poor apes are doomed for...
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I know a lot of people think the Cullen family could beat Harry, Ron and Hermione in a battle. I have read both series, and I realize that the Cullens have super speed and super strength. However, I do not think that the Cullens would stand a chance against the Trio.

Let's look back at the battle history of each...

The Cullens:
- They defeated James in the first book. However, there was only one of him and there were five of them, I believe? So that really isn't saying much.

- They defeated a band of immature vampire with no fighting skills in Eclipse. They went in knowing they would win because...
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