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posted by spongebob105
Did anda ever think that dumbledore was useing harry potter? Well he did! As anda can see in snape's thoughts that he did. Dumbledore berkata that he was like a pig up for slauter! I mean who is mean to say that atau act twards that person. WELL HE DID!

He doesn't realy think about what would he feel if he was steping into his shoes. I mean come on. He thinks he so COOL that he has the elder wand. HE'S A NORMAL PERSON FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

Well now getting back to the subject. Dumbledore is a MEAN person so if anda want to find out your self then go to chapter that says "Snape's Memories"
Hello everyone!

I'm planning on menulis a letter to Stephenie Meyer regarding the Twilight series. I wanted to address all the points many people do not like in the series. The letter is going to be friendly and straight-forward. I wanted to hear what everyone would want me to include. These are a few of the topics I am going to be including:

- Anti-feminism
- Abusive relationship
- Unhealthy obsession
- Lust does not equal cinta
- Bella is horribly rude to her friends (not valued friendships)

These are just a few. Please add anything and if there is something specific you'd like me to add.

I'll be working on this letter and posting on Sunday on Fanpop, so I can add anything else and have your approval and then I will send it to her.
I understand that Seth probably won't let it get to her, but it's worth a shot and I will post his reply (assuming he does reply.)

Thank you! :)
posted by june13
we all knowed hermiones was one of harrys friends anyone who did not know her know her for a know it all over the years at hogwards she larned not to worry want everyone says about anda and want anda are in book five six and 7 we was showed want she could do that was not spells and every thing esl cinta she fell hard for one boy that was her freind ron and some us thougth that i =t was going to be harry atau nelive over the ages she had kids and they turn out to be smart and good at hogwards to and we all thought that she would end up somewhere esl on the road
posted by Sophia21
Ah well, in the name of justice now I will take it a little bit against Harry Potter. For starters I will only mention consistency errors atau plot mistakes. Scientific and lore mistakes will be included later. HEY! They are 7 very long books, and unlike Twilight were mistakes were easy to spot amongst the constant lovey-dovey of Bella and Edward, Harry Potter has a lot of information going around. Now then.

1)Where did Voldemort stick his wand?
Explanation: Yeah the judul doesn't give a very nice image. But seriously. Voldemort went on a solo mission to kill the Potters and their baby. Due to...
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posted by NataliaLidia
i persenally dont like ether series and heres why!!!

1) i am a reel vampire and i do not sparkl!!! stephanie shud have tagihan, dun her reasearch before she wrote a book about vampires!!!
2) bella is a bad roll model!!!
4) edwerd is abusiv!!!
5) its unrealistic!!!
6) its badly writen!!!
7) edwerd is describd to much!!! it gets boring!!!
8) its boring overall!!!

harry potter
1) its not relatble!!!
2) its made for kids!!!
3)harry always beets te bad guy!!! he never looses!!!
4) harry gets away wit everything in skool!!!
5) they hav bad frends!!! ron leaves nd dosnt stay wit harry when peeps make fun of him!!!
6) its boring!!!
7) snape keeps his job even tho he bullys students nd is a deth eater!!!
8) dumbledoor doesnt reely care about harry!!! he leaves him at da durslys even tho they are abusiv!!!

both film hav bad actors nd the filmers didnt follows the boks the way they were suposed to!!!
posted by ABDCFan-
'Good Morning Voldemort' - The HP Version on 'Good Morning Baltimore', from the Musical, Hairspray.

Oh, oh, oh
Woke up today
Feeling the way i always do
Oh, oh, oh
Hungry for Magic
That i can't eat
Then i hear that beat
That rhythm of Voldie
Starts calling me down
It's like a message from
High above
Oh, oh, oh
Pulling me out
To the smiles and the
Streets that i love

Good morning Voldemort!
Every day's like an evil encore
Every night is a fantasy
Every sound's like a death to me!

Good morning Voldemort!
And some hari when i take to the floor
The world's gonna wake up and see
Voldemort and me!

Oh, oh, oh
Look at my wand...
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posted by pokerface22
Basically, I'm making this artikel to see which is better: Harry Potter atau Twilight?

I want Twilight and Harry Potter fan to come up with reasons why the book they prefer is better. I will be making a daftar for each book's reasons. I will only post the valid reasons.

I will make sure they are valid and read each reason. I hope fan from both sides will make reasons here!

I'll start off both lists:

Harry Potter:
1. The plot is mentioned in the first chapter. Twilight's is mentioned at around 16 chapters in.

1. Twilight has sparked up arguments between twilighters and anti-twilighters. Some...
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posted by RavenclawRocks
OK, I just got this message from somebody on this spot. They're a Twilight fan and I couldn'y help laughing. It's very pathetic.

Not naming any names, but this is a message somebody sent me:

It made me lol when I saw somebody had to add Jessie J to their profile.

It made me lol when I saw somebody had to add an "Edward is Cedric" reference in their motto.

It made me lol when I saw somebody had to add Harry Potter to their profile.

It made me lol when I saw somebody had to have an unoriginal Hermione and Ron icon.

My thoughts:
1)Yup, I like Jessie J. She's a great singer and I cinta her songs....
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Credit for the first 11 goes to mugglenet.com

11 Ways to Use Harry Potter to Annoy a Twilight Fan
Guaranteed to start a shouting match of fantastic proportions...

1. Steal their copy of Twilight and replace it with one of your Harry Potter buku in a Twilight dust jacket.

2. Tell them that Edward is a "hand-me-down" because the Twilight film got him after the Harry Potter film were finished with him.

3. daftar other "hand-me-downs" from the books, like the last names of Black and Clearwater...

4. State that anda think Edward would be hotter if he had a lightning scar on his forehead.

5. "Accidentally"...
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One fine evening, as the famous trio Harry, Hermione and Ron, were in class they thought of an idea. "Professor Snape?" Harry raised his hand. The tall dark man turned, with that scorn as always on his face, sighing "What Potter?" Harry looked to his two friends and nodded. "May we take a feild trip?" Harry asked biting his lip. "A field trip? what in the name of slitheren is that?" Snape berkata with hardly no emotion. "It is where one atau lebih classes take a hari off of class to go and visit some other place to learn about different things, such as the places history atau if they have museums we...
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posted by FredWRules
hey guys, I was thinking of menulis a letter to JKR, coz I have a pertanyaan for her... Can anda please give me your honest opinion on what anda think of it, but no actual abuse? Thank you!

Dear Ms Rowling,
First may I say how much I cinta your books, it really felt like the characters were alive, like I was at Hogwarts.

Secondly, the other hari I was thinking, and I was wondering, (sorry if this doesn't make much sense, but I'll try using Draco, Harry and Ron as an example) what would happen if Harry disguised himself as Draco using Polyjuice Potion, and Ron also wanted to disguise himself as Draco, and plucked hair out of Harry's head, thinking he was Draco, and then took the potion. What would happen, do anda think?

On the envelope, I have written my address, and I am hoping anda will reply, but fully understand if anda don't.

Yours sincerely,

Andie Dircks.
posted by bakura1234
It has a PLOT! It has Subplots.It has several characters with depth.JK is not afraid to sacrifice the good guys. The characters aren't one dementional. JK researches her material, has good use of Latin and history within her books. Spells are named after Latin words and do what the Latin words do. Names of soem characters give hints as to what that character is such as Sirius which means Dog bintang for lebih Albus which means White (pure wizard). anda can relate Harry Potter to WWII because of similarities anda could learn some history from the books.
Harry Potter teaches a good deal about prejudice...
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I have just tried to refute another "Edward is hot" type fallacy. I've had enough, I'm ready to puke - pardon the language - in link if I see another one. In the foreseeable future, I shall either not bother with such fallacies but instead ignore and ridicule atau point to this article. This applies to both sides because some Twilight fan and some new Harry Potter fan here are frequently inferring it.

I point to my sebelumnya article: link for the introduction.
I shall here only point out Number Six:
Non sequitur.
What is a Non Sequitur and a fallacy: I shall again refer to oxford English Dictionary...
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Okay, so a lot of people have been asking that I put lebih debat stuff and reasons why I think Twilight is better. Now that we're all friends and don't hate eachother anymore, I hope we can all have a reasonable debate.

But before I start, I want to say that I don't compleatley hate Harry Potter anymore. I saw the Deathly Hallows today, my friend is somewhat of a fan, and wanted to see it. I reluctaintly went with her, and it actually wasn't that bad. anda see, I read the first-fourth Harry Potter books, and read most of the seventh. The Deathly Hallows movie was much better than the book in...
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Obviously, this spot is about debating Harry Potter and Twilight, and I realised I've never written an article, so I decided to put down all my reasons for Harry Potter being better than Twilight.

Firstly, the 'love' in Twilight is not love. It is over powered lust. To my memory, Edwrad and Bella never have a conversation about from who loves the other more. Edward likes Bella because she smells good, Bella likes Edward because he's 'handsome' (which can't even be proven, he's a book character, we never see him).

The cinta in Harry Potter is shown as an amazing, all powerful thing that can sace...
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1. It has better writing.
2. It's plotline is better.
3. I'd rather read a book about a teenage boy going to a wizardry school and fighting a dark sorceror than one about a ditzy girl who's way too obsessed with her sparkly boyfriend.
4. The characters are lebih relateable.
5. J.K. Rowling is not afraid to kill off plenty of good guys.
6. Most of the characters' educations actually matter to them.
7. It doesn't have thousands of rabid fangirls.
8. The characters are lebih three-dimensional.
9. It stays true to mythology.
10. It has lebih types of cinta in it, not just romantic and sexual cinta (or should...
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This artikel was actually wriiten oleh an ex-twilighter(iloveyoudarling), not me, and i dont like the way she wrote it, cuz it is kinda rude, but i diposting it so that maybe some twilighters here could consider giving harry potter a chance because the artikel proves that even though anda cinta twilight there COULD be a better book out there:
Dear Twilight fans,

I was anda one day. Addicted to Twilight and couldnt ever stop membaca it even if i had already read it 4 times. But trust me on this one will you. READ ANOTHER BOOOK!!! AFTER anda DO THAT TWILIGHT WILL SEEM LIKE A STUPID ROMANCE STORY.

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This is how I feel about HP vs. Twilight. Twilight fan feel free to state your own opinion but I would prefer no one fights. These are my opinions and everyone is entitled to their own.

I know there are many of these artikel on here but this is my own and wanted to share it. Sorry about how long it is! And please excuse any typos!

1. The character have personalities and depth. They grow and change and even minor characters are so complex
-Dobby: Dobby was a house elf that belonged to the Malfoy family. At great risk to himself, he tried to keep Harry from danger oleh attempting to persuade him...
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1. its just all thrown together and the film leave out way to much.
2. it has no meaning just a girl falls in cinta then is a vampire the end.
3. is just plain stupid.simple as that
4. theres nothing to figure out. its to predictable.
5. it dosent have enough back story which goes back to # 1
6.and stephine myer wants to keep all the good players while j.k. isnt afraid to for the sake of the book
7.why doesnt she mentention why bellas parent got seperated which geos back to #4
8. it has no plot
9. the problem is the same all the way throughout the sires as h.p. faces many problems.
10.its down right boring hmm lets read the same boring thing over and over! yea! NOT!
I don't want to hear about Harry Potter atau any other book right now. I'm not setting this up for a debat about which is better. I just want to know seriously and honestly why anda Twilight fan enjoy membaca Twilight. I want to see an actual reason that Twilight is a good book.
If anda don't like Twilight, I don't want to hear anda saying anything bad about it. I just want to know why people like it. Because all the debate's I've seen have no actual reasons. They have HP fan and Twihards going on about which book is better, but not why they like it.
I do actually want respectful debat though. I want to discuss the reasons anda give, but nicely.
If anda can't be respectful of each other's opinions then just don't comment.
And I'm not trying to hate on Twilight, but if I disagree with anda I will debat with you.
I don't know if there are other debate's about this, so I'm sorry if there are, but I didn't look.
I'm just rambling now so let's get onto it!