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There is a theory, particularly populer amongst Snape and Snily fans, that Snape was truly Harry's biological father instead of James Potter. There are two main variants of this theory. The first is that Lily had a long term affair with Snape, possibly from when they were all in their final tahun at Hogwarts together. The detik is that Lily had a one-night-stand with Snape after arguing with James, which she immediately regretted but which led to Harry's existence.

The first issue with this theory is how strongly Harry resembles James. The only difference in their physical appearance is their...
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 Lela Weasley
Lela Weasley
Coley brought an lumbung, gudang owl and named it Kurt she got a wand is 12 3/4 alder dragon cored finally she got her tickets her mom couldn't take her to the platform but only drop her off "i'm sorry sweetie but i got work" it's okay" coley berkata she left "platform 9 and 3/4" berkata coley "come oh weasleys especially anda Damion and Lela it's your 1st tahun come on" berkata a plump red-haired woman
"coming mum" berkata a girl with red hair "excuse me but where's platform 9 and 3/4?'' Coley asked just ran through the dinding between 9 and 10 "the- the -the- wall''
Coley berkata ''just run through'' berkata the woman Coley...
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 coley's mom
coley's mom
Coley Zander was in her backyard doing cartwheels
while her mom was sitting under the shade membaca
that's when "hoot'' came a sound. Katrina Zander (coley's mom) look and mur mur ''i knew this would come one day" berkata Katrina she and Andrew (coley's late father) always knew about Hogwarts even thought they were muggles Dumbledore let them come. Katrina and Andrew were also friends with James, Sirius (coley's godfather),Lupin,Wormtail (who told Voldy about coley's dad) and Lily "an owl in the morning but the fly in the night" berkata coley she know this because she LOVES
owls "well let's see what the letter said" berkata Katrina
'Dear miss Zander we are please to inform anda that ypu been accpeted to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardy
we await your owl no sooner the
July 31st
Deputy Headmistress
 me (coley)
me (coley)
 (me) Coley Zander
(me) Coley Zander
Coley Zander was a first tahun at Hogwarts during Harry's
third tahun at Hogwarts with friends Samantha Granger,
Alexa Lovegood,Damon Weasley and Damon's twins Lela Weasley: Damon and Lela weasley are the youngest in the family which means the Weasley have 9 children Alexa is Luna's younger sister. Samantha is Hermione's younger sister while i,coley is a only child
as the 5 start there tahun at Hogwarts there's also cinta blossoming so i guess the story doesn't start with out a
character traits. Damion Weasley is like he's brother Ron while Lela Weasley is like fred and Gregore
Samantha is the opposite of of Hermione and Alexa is like Luna while i Coley is just CRAZY, DANGEROUS,HYPER ETC also i have a major crush on the one and only harry potter but that's just the begin
case with these 5 there's no telling what will happen
Being a member of the Potterhead generation means many things. For many of us, it meant growing up with the series. It meant waiting anxiously for Hogwarts letters. It meant shouting nonsense Latin in the hope of casting a spell. And it meant loyalty.
When Rowling first wrote the opening words of Sorcerer's Stone, she began an odyssey that ended this past summer. We, the Potterheads, stayed oleh Harry's side, waiting for the end we knew was coming. Whether it took seven buku atau more, the end was surely coming.
"As Hagrid had said, what would come would come, and he would have to meet it when...
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My feet dragged dully on the dry eart below me as I pushed myself slowly back and forth. A radio crackled somewhere in the distance, though it was nearly drowned out oleh the laughter of the few children in the dusty lot. I lowered my eyes as the sun beat down on us, and cast a shallow glance to my right. Harry sat rigid as a stone in the ayunan selanjutnya to me. I narrowed my eyes at the steely look in his bright green eyes, and followed his gaze. Should've guessed. I sighed to myself. Dudley and his gang of misfits were stalking towards us, booming with laughter.
"Hey 'Big D'." Harry spat. "Beat up...
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posted by dragonsmemory
((This is a fanfic based off my fanfic, "In The Background." The idea came to me while playing a good game of ping-pong. So what WOULD happen when Harry tries playing ping-pong? Just a quick one-shot.))

Hailey Potter backed slowly into the house, supporting one side of a bulky box.
"Happy birthday, Harry!" she called joyfully.
"How did anda know it was my birthday?" Harry replied, helping his twin sister and brother-in-law with the box. It had been a running joke between them for quite some time. Both Harry and Haailey had had multiple occsions where they would need the other, but those had thinned...
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posted by ally11
i coley zanider is a outsider expect i have my 2 bffls i knew them since i was 2 years old. Olivia Jones and Mariella Potter the girl who live (yes i'm friends with her) i'm in my 4th tahun everyone i MEAN everyone HATES me expaect mariella, Olivia,nevllie and Luna even harry potter hates me my CRUSH HATES ME oh oleh the way I'M IN GRYFFINDOR WHOA! all stared on a Tuesday morning "colester get up we have potions 1st' berkata maiella "tell snape that i died" i berkata "kay not come on OLIVIA SHE WON'T WAKE" she yelled Olivia came running in (she looks like this link) "COLEY ELIZABETH ZANDER GET YOUR...
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((What you're looking at is a special look at my first real fanfic. The story centers around my OC, Hailey Potter. It closely follows the original story
Please note that this is NOT the full chapter. This is only a first look.
So, this is just before the Battle of the Seven Potters. After the piece I'll explain.))

Hailey Potter pushed open the front door of Number four, privet Drive.
"Sorry I'm late, everyone," she announced, smiling in the direction of her brother. He smiled back. Just in that smile she could sense his worry.
Hagrid set Mundungus back down as Hailey lined up with the other fake...
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When Lily died to protect her son, she gave him a unique protection, made of her cinta for him. While he has this protection, Voldemort could never touchh him without suffering great pain. We were diberikan something similar. oleh standing together, we keep the story alive.
Many years ago, in the early days of the Potterheads, I read about the Velveteen Rabbit. It had always been one of my favorit stories, selanjutnya to Harry Potter. In it, I discovered that anda make something real oleh loving it.
We all loved Harry, his family, and his story. It all became real, yet we never noticed. There were subtle hints, yet we never saw them, only now, with the story as we know over, do we see that it all became real. We loved it into reality. It's an old magic Voldemort would never have known. And we learned it from a rabbit.
This idea just came to me while I was sitting here. Please komentar if anda liked it.

Voldemort strode down the lane. He, thanks to his spies, knew exactly what the prophecy said. He also knew where to find the boy. Godric's Hollow on halloween had a certain irony to it.
As he passed, a young child komentar on his robes, thinking them to be a costume. The Potters' halaman awal was a quaint cottage. He looked in the window.
Inside, James Potter and his wife, Lily, were preparing for bed. Carelessly, James tossed his wand onto the chair he had just vacated. How foolish, to abandon his weapon.
As Voldemort...
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 Samantha Granger
Samantha Granger
Coley sat with Damion and Lela as a girl come in ''can i sit here my sister with's her 2 friends'' berkata the girl ''Samantha! how are you'' berkata Damion ''hey guys who this?'' ask Samantha ''i'm Coley'' berkata Coley ''nice too meet u'' berkata Samantha as they all talked they finaly reached Hogwarts ''oh wow this is AMAZING'' I squealed ''yup my sister told me so much about Hogwarts after her 1st year'' berkata Samantha ''Ron told us so much so did Ginny'' berkata Lela ''oh this is amazing'' Coley berkata
as they entered Hogwarts Coley couldn't stop jumping up and down ''calm down'' berkata Samantha
''welcome to Hogwarts were about to enter you'll be sorted in the four Houses Gryffindor,Hufflepuff,
Ravenclaw and Slytherian'' berkata Mcgongall ''oh that's amazing'' berkata Coley as they sorted people
finally ''Zander,Coley'' berkata Mcgongall Coley walked up 'hm very brave but also cunning'
''oh gosh'' berkata Coley ''better be GRYFFINDOR'' yelled the hat. Coley ran and sat selanjutnya to Lela,Damion and Samantha
hermione granger
Hermione Granger
posted by koolamelia
1. The Spell for the Dark Mark "Morsmorde" means Take a Bit out of death in French.

2. Rupert Grint, the actor who plays Ron Weasley owns his own ice cream but cannot legally sell ice creams because he doesn't feel like doing the paper work

3. During filming one of the breakfasts at Hogwarts, Daniel Radcliffe gave all his daging babi asap, bacon to a 10 tahun old because he wa sick of having to eat it again and again.

4. Crookshanks is part Kneazle so he can sniff out anyone suspicious.

5. Demetors don't breed, they grow in damp, dark places.

6. To get into The Ministry Of Magic anda have to dial 62442 to get...
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posted by lilylove89
BORN:July 31,1981
ALSO KNOWN AS:The boy who Lived


FATHER:James Potter
MOTHER:Lily Evans (Potter)
UNCLE:Vernon Dursley
AUNT:Petunia Evans (Potter)
COUSIN:Dudley Dursley


Harry Potter was the boy who lived.He always came fae-to-face with the dark lord voldamort.who gave him the scar.His best friends were Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.He Married Ginny Weasley in the deathly hallows.And had 2 son and a daughter.
posted by ally11
 Mariella Potter
Mariella Potter
'one shot of Nevllie longbottom and Mariella Potter (harry's twin sister)'

Nevllie watch as Mariella walked beside her BFFL
Coley Zander and her twin brother Harry Nevllie thought 'she'll never cinta me she needs some one else' Nevllie countied on with he's plant, Mimbulus mimbletonia he rember on the train ride it spilled pus and Mariella laughed 'nice one Nevllie anda should try that on Malfoy' Nevllie smiled to himself
''wait i'll be right back'' berkata a voice a soft,calm a voice of an malaikat it was Mariella she was coming down where Nevllie was. Nevllie look up Mariella was wearing a purple...
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Hailey Potter stood on Platform 9 3/4, wondering where to go. She was eleven now, and about to start her first tahun at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft ans Wizardry. Most of the others on the platform were swarming around a huge scarlet steam engine.
She saw a huge crowd of red-haired people coming closer. In Hailey's mind, it would be best to stay in the shadows. And speaking of shadows, a very skinny boy with black hair was shadowing the group. If anything, he looked as lost as Hailey felt.

After a few lebih minutes, Hailey approached the train. She was debating how to heave her very heavy trunk...
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