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posted by HD94910
And here we are--in a somewhere of the so-called 'universe--and here "Tarantula" hold's his place--and will keep that which passes too near--
Stories come and go--when this one is done--there will be nothing remaining to be "fixed" non old Earth--So---do no fruitless labor--toward "repair's' and adjustment';s of mankind's way's--since some of those way's belong to Earth alone---and are unlikely to ever be relenquished--for it shall prove to be futile
anda must know oleh now--Kentucky Fried Chicken--rules the "Roost" here--not funny--is it--??---Mr. Astronaut--?
These the "manner" of these note's...
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posted by HD94910
I told anda so---(hate to say it)
photo--NASA how strange--The new "James Webb" telescope--now----how can this be-after explaing "Tarantula"---this comes along--perfect color match---"The Bumble Bee"--and fantasticly---the name 'Webb"--just like "Jack Webb--okay---?---there anda have it---another "anomaly' of luar angkasa and time and other thing's--
That should "wrap" thing's up foe now--as any labah-labah, laba-laba might say--Twisted---isn't it---??
It is so nice when a few word's in combination with a picture of a "thousand" can explain so much--(one of the lebih honest ant true "OLD SAYING'S"-)-