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Caroline parked her car on the parking lot of the school. Since Damon didn’t have a car anymore he couldn’t drive them and either way, Damon nor Elena minded being banned to the backseat of Caroline’s car.
“We’re there” Caroline said, excited and nervous.
“Yeah, anda go ahead” Damon mumbled, before he kissed Elena.
“Come on, guys, not in my car” Caroline reproached. She stepped out of the car and walked around to Elena’s door. She opened it and pulled Elena out of the car. “Try to restrain yourself a little” she berkata with a sharp look at Elena.
Elena turned to Damon....
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“Damon, what are we doing here?”
Damon had parked his car in front of Ric’s loft and now a mischievous smile was playing around his lips. “You want your kalung back, don’t you?”
Elena shook her head. “No, I don’t miss it” she said.
Damon averted his head to her. “But anda need it. There’s vervain in it”
“I’ll drink vervain tea” Elena suggested.
“You can forget” Damon warned. “And it could mix with your other tea”
“And anda think my kalung is in there?” Elena asked doubtful.
“I know it is” Damon replied. “Katherine told me Rebekah has it”
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Damon looked from Elena to Derek. “What are anda doing?” he asked slowly. Elena took a few steps in Damon’s direction.
“Damon, it’s okay” Elena berkata careful. “I’m fine” Damon quickly cast a look at Elena, before looking at Derek again. “Can anda leave the house now?” he asked. Derek nodded and quickly walked past Damon and Elena. When he was gone, Damon looked at Elena.
“What were anda doing?” he repeated his question.
“Training” Elena berkata fast. “Victoria’s building an army to fight all super naturals and Derek and I figured we should do the same” She wiped...
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Dat vindt de zangeres naar eigen zeggen "bevrijdend", zo deed ze uit de doeken in de talkshow mobil van, van de Amerikaanse comédienne Chelsea Handler. "Ik hou er niet mobil van, van om ondergoed te dragen. Ik wil altijd zo vrij mogelijk zijn. Dat is gewoon cangkul, hoe ik ben", aldus Aguilera in Chelsea Lately.

De reden waarom de twee überhaupt over onderkleding praatten was omdat Aguilera alleen mee wilde doen als Chelsea in weinig verhullende kleding zou presenteren. Die eis stelde ze uit wraak om de grappen die Handler maakt over de gewaagde outfits mobil van, van de zangeres. Aguilera kon het pakje mobil van, van Handler wel waarderen. "Je ziet er sexy uit", reageerde ze. (Belga / DLA)
Poor poor Cas, stuck in a house of lunatics
One will make anda cry and one will cut your jantung out for kicks
Better make it for a run and better make it quick
Or you’ll be stuck forever in this house of lunatics

No, I can’t be your savior
And I won’t be your slave
I’m not reaching my hand out
You’re not mine to save
You’re gonna want to go back to the water
You’re gonna wish anda would’ve drowned
‘Cause you’ll be breathing still
When they’ve buried anda in the ground

Poor poor Cas, stuck in a house of lunatics
One will make anda cry and one will cut your jantung out for kicks
Better make...
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De laatste Harry Potter-film heeft tijdens zijn openingsweekend in België 2,8 miljoen euro opgebracht en zo'n 341.000 bezoekers naar de zalen gelokt. Daarmee is de film goed voor het beste openingsweekend ooit in België.

Daarnaast breekt de film volgens Warner Bros. ook het record mobil van, van "beste openingsdag" met 105.000 toeschouwers (1,02 miljoen euro) op vrijdag 13 juli, de "beste Harry Potter-opening" en "beste 3D-opening" in België.
De film werd in ons land op 168 schermen vertoond, zowel in 3D als het klassieke 2D. 55 procent mobil van, van de tickets betroffen een klassieke projectie, 44 procent van...
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Caroline was tampilkan the new moves to the cheerleaders, when she saw Tyler heading her way from the corner of her eye. “Okay, practice is over. Nelly, you’re going to have to practice that spin” she said, before quickly walking away.
“Caroline!” Tyler shouted. He knew she was walking away because of him. “Caroline!” he shouted a bit harder, but Caroline just continued ignoring him. “I didn’t see anda last night at Homecoming”
Caroline stopped, but didn’t bother turning around. “That’s because your eyes were glued onto Virginia” she berkata snarky.
“Veronica” Tyler...
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Elena was eating puding when the door opened and Katherine appeared.
“Katherine!” Elena exclaimed shocked. “You can’t just barge in here. I could’ve been naked for all I know”
Katherine raised her eyebrows and smirked. “Nothing I haven’t seen before” Elena thought about that. “Eww, gross” she commented.
“So” Katherine said, sitting down on the bed. “How’s my doppelganger doing?”
“Why do anda care?” Elena asked curious.
“I don’t” Katherine berkata bluntly. “I’m just trying to get in your good grades so you’d give me the rest of your pudding”
Elena gave...
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Right after Cas had lost his temper Meg had made a phone call to some company that could fix windows atau place new ones. And, well, someone had to let the men in, right? And someone had to keep an eye on the house while the owners were gone.
So, after the window was fixed and the men left, Meg had another tour in the house. So far she had only seen Daphne’s bedroom and aside from the book she was menulis there was really nothing fascinating to find.
She walked up to the fridge, hoping to find some booze, but when she opened it and let her eyes go over its content all she could see, regarding...
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Damon carried Elena over the doorstep, like a bride and kicked the door with his foot, in an attempt to shut Bonnie outside. However, she just in time stopped the door from locking and she entered the Gilbert house.
“I’ll take her to bed” Bonnie berkata authoritative. But Elena groaned sleepy and clung on Damon’s neck. Damon ignored Bonnie and carried Elena upstairs to her bedroom.
He opened her door, walked her to her tempat tidur and gently lay her down.
Bonnie stood in the doorway, looking sharp at the bed. Damon sat at the end, taking off Elena’s shoes. He felt Bonnies stare piercing on him...
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Currently I'm menulis a Damon&Elena fanfiction which is diposting on the Damon&Elena spot. Every chapter has ten parts and I made a small summary for every part. Now I would like to know if oleh just membaca these summaries anda would read it. That doesn't mean anda have to, I just want to know if it sounds interesting, but not too spoilery.

Chapter 3: Twisted and Trapped

Part 1: Bonnie breaks up with Jeremy. Why? Who knows.

Part 2: Damon and Elena discuss the latest news about the murder and Damon seems to be getting sick.

Part 3: Caroline and Matt are having some relationship problems and Caroline...
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posted by HaleyDewit
anda fell in cinta with the wrong one
She weasled her way into your life
Pretending to be everything anda want
You met her on Tinder during dark times
‘Cause God forbid anda would just wait it out
But anda didn’t, and so anda fell in cinta with the wrong one

You fell in cinta with a fake one
She lured anda in with some sob story
And anyone who can deny is long gone
The first pertanyaan she asked anda was about your favorit franchise
I wish right then anda would’ve used your mind
But anda didn’t, and so anda fell in cinta with a fake one

You fell in cinta with a fame-digging one
She wants to be a writer
But she waits...
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De Amerikaanse rapper eminem en popzangeres Taylor cepat, swift zijn enkele mobil van, van de winnaars mobil van, van de allereerste "YouTube musik Awards". eminem kreeg op het gala in New York vandaag de prijs mobil van, van Artiest mobil van, van het jaar. cepat, swift werd voor haar hit "I Knew anda Were Trouble" bekroond tot YouTube-fenomeen mobil van, van het jaar. De award voor Video mobil van, van het jaar ging naar de Zuid-Koreaanse meidengroep Girls' Generation en hun song "I Got A Boy". Deze outsiders laten daarmee zwaargewichten als Lady Gaga of Justin Bieber achter zich. De eerste winnaars mobil van, van het online-videoplatform werden gekozen via een stemming op het internet. De prijsuitreiking was rechtstreeks te volgen op YouTube. Het platform is de voorbije jaren onmisbaar geworden voor de muzieksector, ten koste mobil van, van klassieke spelers als MTV. Uit een rondvraag afgelopen jaar bleek dat 64 procent mobil van, van de Amerikaanse jeugd muziek beluistert via YouTube. Dat is meer dan de radio (56 procent). (Belga / Belga)
“Alright, I’ll do it!” Rachel exclaimed, looking angry at Stefan. “But if I get killed oleh Veronica’s minions I will come back to haunt you”
“Is that a promise?” Stefan teased. Then he was serious again. “Did anda guys hear that?” he asked concerned. Rachel nodded, Jeremy shook his head. Stefan walked towards the bushes, when a swarm of birds flew out of the them.
“Mystery solved” Jeremy berkata and Stefan shrugged and walked back.
Derek almost let out a sigh of deep relief, but realized just in time that the sound of his breath would give him away. Stefan and Damon believed...
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Katherine was standing in front of Ric’s loft. She was practicing her speech and gathering her courage.
“Come on, Katherine” she told herself. “Just go in there and tell him anda cinta him” She pushed the latch down and entered.
“Stefan?” she called.
“I’m in here” Stefan replied from out of the living room. Katherine walked further into the room. Stefan was standing against the closet. He was alone. “I didn’t expect you, but I’m glad you’re here”
“Really?” Katherine asked hopeful. She couched to restore herself. “There’s something I have to tell you”
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Damon walked Elena away from the dance. Actually he was walking and ciuman her at the same time. They reached the stairs on the football field and Damon clenched Elena’s butt and lifted her up.
“Damon, everyone can see us” Elena mumbled uneasy, while Damon’s hot and wet kisses made her body feel like it was set on fire. She gave up resisting and threw her arms around Damon’s neck. She turned around Damon and pushed him down. She sat on his lap and kissed him again.
She wanted to open his button-down, when she gasped and her eyes bulged.
“Elena!” Damon exclaimed. “Did I do something?”...
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Elena gazed upon Damon’s face. She gave him a soft ciuman on his lips and stood up then. She walked to the doorway and leaned against the open door.
Damon opened his eyes and sat up when he saw Elena lurking at him. “What are anda looking at?” he smirked.
“I’m looking at my boyfriend” Elena smiled mischievous. “The one I had great makeup sex with last night. Though I did most of it”
Damon raised his eyebrows. “Are anda kidding?” Elena shook her head. “No. I mean anda were just lying there” She opened her satin dressing gaun and revealed a blue bra and matching panties. “Want...
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Cas kicked the door of their bedroom open. Daphne was sitting on puncak, atas of Mitch.
“Daphne” Mitch said, looking at Cas.    
“Don’t worry” Daphne berkata with a heavy voice. “That’s my husband. He knows I have my needs. It’s not my fault he’s incompetent”
Mitch pushed her off of him and searched for his clothes. Cas turned around and ran downstairs.
“What are anda doing?” Daphne asked grumpy. “Come back in bed”
“Are anda completely out of your mind?” Mitch exclaimed.
“Oh, please, anda knew I was married” Daphne said.
“That was really low” Mitch said. “Get dressed. I’m done here. anda go find someone else to consider your needs”
“Come on, don’t be like that” Daphne said.
They heard an enormous crack and they jumped.
“What the hell was that?” Mitch asked.
“Shh” Cas lay his finger on his lips. “I hear something”
“Emmanuel? I’m back! Where are you?” Daphne called from downstairs.
Cas looked concerned at Meg. “You have to go” he insisted. “But can anda change first? I don’t think it’s wise to let Daphne know I gave anda her dress”
“Yeah, alright” Meg agreed. She walked out of the bathroom and entered the bedroom. She took of the dress and put on her underwear when the door opened.
“Manny, it’s very impolite not to knock” she berkata teasing and she turned around.
Daphne was standing in the doorway, looking furious.
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Daphne put the key into the lock and opened the door of her house. She entered and Cas followed her inside. Zoey had come oleh at the hospital with some clothes, on Daphne’s request.
Daphne entered the dapur and wasn’t surprised to see her sister sitting there.
“Hi” Zoey said, looking up from her laptop. “I see anda brought Mister I don’t have a name home”
Daphne gave her sister a ‘cut it off’ look. “Zoey’s staying here for a few days” she explained to Cas. “She and Gerard are divorced and Alexia, my adorable niece, is staying with her father for the time being. Zoey...
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