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posted by lexichristina
i want to form a group of four girls, one representing each of the girls (rikki,cleo,emma,bella) i would represent rikki, but i need the other girls, anyone interested? we could start our own life long friendship :) (if your a true h2o fan, then anda will be all for having a friendship just like the h2o girls) we could even get matching lockets, i hope their are some girls out there wanting to do this with me, just send me a message, tell me why anda wanna join, and who anda would want to represent
posted by dreamer1470
Emma and Cleo are in my opinion the best mermaids. I think they are the prettiest two girls too. Rikki is a good charter, but I like Emma and Cleo better. I also think they have the best boyfriends. No affence to Zane, its just that Lewis is sweet, and Ash is hot. What I don't get is that only 20% of h2o fan like Emma the best. Rikki gets 50% of the fans. Then Cleo has 30%. But everyone has their own opinions. Some people might think I'm weird for liking Emma the most. My opinion is in this order :
If anda don't agree with me thats fine. In fact, some people's daftar would be mine backwards.