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The guinea pig atau 'cavy' is a species of rodent in the family Caviidae and the genus Cavia.

Despite being called 'guinea pigs' they are not in the pig family atau from Guinea.

Guinea pigs live on average for 4 - 5 years but sometimes as long as 8 years.

The guinea pig is an important creature for many indigenous South American people, especially as a food source. But also for customary medicine atau religious ceremonies.

Guinea pigs purr when they are happy, often, like a cat it is when they are being held atau petted. They make a whistle noise when they are excited, usually on seeing their owner atau when its feeding time.
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Just before I start, this is not mine. I found it in a magazine called Wacky But True

Do anda think guinea pigs can laugh? No? Surely their lips twitch. When a guinea pig is really happy, it jumps all around, and this is called popcorning. See if your guinea pig laughs so much at these jokes that he starts popcorning around for you.

Q: What did the anggur say when the guinea pig stood on it?
A: Nothing, it just gave out a little wine!
Did it wink then?

Q: When do guinea pigs run away from rain?
A: When it's raining kucing and dogs!
Show any signs of being scared at this joke?

Q: When does a guinea pig...
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My guinea pig Teddy eating a plate of cereal
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guinea pig
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