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zutaradragon posted on Jul 27, 2010 at 01:54AM
ok, since the med. cats r never on, i thought i could b here when ever we need one, cuz i'm on every day. heres a list of the herbs i know. if i'm missing any, plz tell me the name and what they do!

~Melissa~Colds, insect bites, rashes, nausea, sore throat

~Comfrey~cuts, bronchitis

~Nettle~Allergies, kit birth

~Wort~anxiety, burns, coughs

~Buchu~bladder infections

~Roselle~weight loss

~Sassafrass~bug repellent

~Acacia~cuts, coughs, sore throat

~Acai berry~weight loss

~Blue Curls~cuts, bruises, sprains, sore throat

~Creat~colds, Diarrhea, digestion, indigestion

~Angelica~kit birth, colds, digestion, indigestion, coughs

~Arnica~aches, bruises, sprains


~Cat nip~ cures Green cough

~Mouse Bile~ gets rid of Ticks and Bugs


~Cobwebs~ Stops Bleeding, wrap a sprain with it

~Chamomile~ Soothes/Relaxes Mind

~Poppy Seeds~ makes you sleepy, makes pain easer and dulls pain

~Marigold~ Stops infection, rashes, bug bites

~Garlic~ Heals really bad infection

~Burdock Root~ For Rat Bites

~Yarrow~ Used to make a cat vomit up anything poisonous

~Feverfew~ For chills and Greencough

~Lavender~ For chills

~Pasted Yarrow~ Used to soften cracked or dried pads

~Juniper~ For coughs, sore throats or stomach aches

~Tansy~ For coughs

~Water mint~ For upset stomach

~Borage leaves~ For fever or helps a cat with milk

~Ginger root~ Cures Upset Stomach

~Vera ~ Helps with Burns Rashes or scratches (when given you must chew, swallow liquid, then spit out the pulp)

~Foxglove~ Helps with Fatigue, Arthritis, Rattlesnake Bites

~Cat mint~ Heals infection, helps with green and whitecough

~Wild Basil~ Used to Stimulate Appetite and Improve Digestion. When made in a Poultice it is used to help external, Slow Healing Sores

~Rosemary~ Helps Muscular pain, bronchitis, colds and flu, headaches, and Stress related symptoms

~Sage~ Helps with White cough

~death berries~ very deadly, used 2 put a cat that will die anyways out of there pain quickly. only used if all else fails.
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Wow, you know a lot!